“Climate Change” hypocrisy.

Our President was roundly bashed by world “leaders” when ho dropped out the Paris Climate Accord.

[Source: Climate change hypocrites, by Stephen Moore

Let’s check the record:

  • Sanctimonious “leaders” of Asian and European nations pledged to move full speed ahead on clean energy without the United States.
  • Europeans backed the Kyoto Protocol in 2005. (We rejected it.)
  • None of the Europeans met (or even came close to meeting) their promised goals.
  • Saintly Germany is moving away from “clean energy sources.” Their policies are hurting their competitiveness and their citizens – very high electricity prices.
  • The US (despite not being a signatory to Kyoto) is the world leader in environmental stewardship, and our energy use, as a share of the economy, continues to shrink.
  • China continues to be the world’s largest polluter (and not just CO2) despite claims to be moving toward wind and solar power (China “cancelled” 103 coal power plants), but Chinese energy companies have been starting two coal power projects a week according to a new Greenpeace analysis.
  • The lame-stream media loves the story that Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, resigned as a Trump consultant out of protest to the Paris Climate Accord exit. Of course they fail to report that Musk’s companies have a multibillion dollar stake in global warming and have received $5 billion in government subsidies.

Because of advances in drilling, recoverable US oil and gas resources are now valued at $50 trillion (more than twice our GDP and national debt). This is our nation’s treasure. Do you want the Chinese or the Europeans telling us to keep it “in the ground?”

As a brief aside, many, including myself, are highly skeptical of global warming. For those of you in the “skeptics” camp this little news note will give you a chuckle. A global warming research study in Canada had to be cancelled because of “unprecedented” summer ice. (And thanks to HP for sending this last tidbit to me.)

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