Thank God! They’re not all nuts!

If you are reading The Rugged Individualist I am certain you are appalled by the anti-free-speech movement on college campuses called “safe spaces.” While many colleges are providing these “spaces” for their students I had not yet seen what the students actually think of this nonsense. Are they all goose-stepping to the commands of left-wing professors?

Fortunately, a recent poll shows that there is some hope for the workings of the minds of college students. A majority of students do not endorse safe spaces on campuses, according to this recently released study.

[Source: New Poll Shows What College Students Really Think About Safe Spaces, by Katrina Willis]

Sixty-two percent of students did not agree with or felt indifferent to safe spaces, according to a poll of 1,659 current college students taken by LendEDU, a student loan consolidation and refinancing organization. Of those surveyed, 37 percent agreed that safe spaces “are completely out of touch with reality” and 25 percent said they were indifferent. Thirty-six percent said they felt safe spaces are “absolutely necessary.” The poll asked students to respond to the question, “Do you agree with college campuses establishing safe spaces?” (Always good to check the actual question that was asked. The language in the question influences polling answers.)

While it is true that the phrase “safe space” has multiple definitions, I believe the question, as posed in the poll, is reasonably straightforward and does not lead more to one choice than another. When used to describe campus life and culture, it usually means protection from emotional discomfort, according to the Harvard Political Review.

It is heartening to think that slightly more students believe “that safe spaces are completely out of touch with reality”  than believe “they are absolutely necessary.”

Roy Filly


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