Politics in cartoon form.

I believe in a free press. It’s in the Constitution. However, it is so sad that the “press” imposed it’s own restriction of freedom upon itself. They do not allow themselves to write anything that does not criticize our President.

The disturbing aspect about the cartoon below is that it is precisely ACCURATE!

If Trump survives and succeeds it will be against the greatest odds I have witnessed for a politician in my lifetime.

Why doesn’t the Democrat Party understand this?

Roy Filly

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3 Responses to Politics in cartoon form.

  1. David L. Wood M.D. says:

    Touche and well stated!!

  2. old student says:

    “If Trump survives and succeeds it will be against the greatest odds I have witnessed for a politician in my lifetime.” Greatest odds? Really? How do you figure? He has the Senate, the House, and Supreme Court. It’s true, the liberal media does not like him. They didn’t really like Bush either. And the conservative media did not like Obama or Clinton. Media is the media. It has biases. It will go after any potential scandal or story. There is nothing new here. Actually, I take that back. I guess what is new, is that this administration has actively pitted itself against the media. I think it’s a brilliant strategy. No other politician in the history of the US would have survived this long with this many scandals, real or not. They would have all attempted to apologize in some form. And that would have been the end.

  3. Roy Filly says:

    You forgot to mention these groups that have formed on the left:
    1. Indivisible
    2. #knockoneverydoor
    3. Swing Left
    4. Run For Something
    5. Operation 45
    6. Movement 2017
    7. The Pussyhat Project
    8. Movement Match

    Groups against the healthcare plan:
    1. The AARP
    2. American Hospital Association
    3. Federation of American Hospitals
    4. America’s Essential Hospitals
    5. Families USA
    6. The American Medical Association
    7. American Nurses Association
    8. American College of Physicians
    9. National Nurses United
    10. National Physicians Alliance
    11. Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
    12. American Academy of Pediatrics

    Conservative organizations against the healthcare plan:
    1. Heritage Action
    2. Cato Institute
    3. Americans for Prosperity
    4. FreedomWorks
    5. Tea Party Patriots
    6. Club for Growth

    The NevertTrump Movement is still active.

    Should I go on? There’s plenty more!

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