Political correctness has gone “covfefe!”

If you have been wondering what “covfefe” means you won’t find the answer here. (Personally, I believe the President put that nonsensical word into a tweet purposely. He knew the crazy left wing media would go through all sorts of machinations to “decode” the word and find “the hidden meaning” and, when they couldn’t, flip out over it. I bet he pee’d his pants laughing as they fell for his ploy. But I am using it to get your attention because you are going to pee yourself laughing at this!)

What you will find here are the worst examples of political correctness in my experience. I checked each of these. These are not examples of internet jokes. Indeed, I wish these were jokes. We could just laugh at the idiocy and move on. But alas, this is how the liberal mind works!

In Seattle, police can no longer use the term “suspect.” Instead, they have to write “community member” in their reports.

If you think that is bad, the following is worseWashington’s Department of Corrections (DOC) no longer calls prisoners “inmates”; they call them “students!” Previously, the DOC made the transition from calling these convicted criminals “inmates” to “offenders.” But alas, even the innocuous term “offender” was offensive. “The term ‘offender’ does have a negative connotation and significantly impacts a broad group of people and communities,” Acting DOC Secretary Dick Morgan wrote in an internal department memo. Therefore, if you have been tried and convicted of a crime, and sent to jail, you are a “student.”

The phase-out of the word “offender” began in November of last year and could be replaced with “student,” or worse still, “patient.” After nearly 50 years in medicine as a physician and teacher I am appalled that someone thinks of criminals as “students” or “patients.”

And thanks to JP for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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One Response to Political correctness has gone “covfefe!”

  1. David L. Wood M.D. says:

    These examples of “political correctness” are bad, but far worse is the ‘liberal’ insistence that the Constitution is a “living document” and just be changed continuously to meet the current political situation at hand.

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