The Vietnam War. Things Millennials should know.

I guess you could say that the Vietnam War was the war of my generation. I joined the US Air Force, but the war ended just before I was sent to Vietnam. So, as a physician at March Air Force Base Regional Medical Center, I had the “opportunity” to help treat the prisoners of war that returned home during my time there. Those poor veterans. The North Vietnamese were not nice guys.

Many younger Americans only know of the Vietnam War because it was the war “we lost.” This is a wholly unsatisfactory situation. Did we “lose” or did we simply walk away from the South Vietnamese? What might be different had we kept our committment? Who is responsible for “the loss of this war?”

I am posting this excellent short video by Victor Davis Hanson to help remedy that situation.

And thanks to ALF for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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2 Responses to The Vietnam War. Things Millennials should know.

  1. Mike Burton says:

    We won the real war of which Vietnam was a battle that we mistakenly fought in the wrong way at the wrong time in the wrong place. The Soviet Union lost strategically big time in the final analysis. I note that today Vietnam and the US have many common interests in keeping the next Soviet Union (China) in check. I suggest that viewed through the rear-view mirror of time, it was not a loss. Let us honor those who paid the price to win that strategic victory over the Soviet Union!

  2. trailbee says:

    So many people died in this conflict, the number is staggering. The ignorance and denigration by those who chose to remain and dodge the draft before it was rescinded is incredible. This war is not finished: men and women are still dying of Agent Orange, nightmares and addiction. Those who have returned are still paying the price. There must be some way to stop this travesty, other than just saying “Thank you for your service.” That just is not enough.

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