Let’s review some fake news.

Donald Trump accuses the media of publishing “fake news.” Is he correct?

[Source: Truth or consequences? Obama skated for far worse misdeeds, by Victor Davis Hanson]

Let’s review some “fake news” that has been published and discredited (most is directly from the Davis Hanson article):

  • Election machines in three states were not hacked to give Donald Trump the election.
  • There was never a serious post-election movement of electors to defy their constitutional duties and vote for Hillary Clinton.
  • Transgendered people did not begin killing themselves in large numbers because Trump was elected.
  • No one can name a single “woman’s right” that has changed post the election of Donald Trump.
  • Trump did not “ban all Muslims” from entering the U.S. He sought a temporary suspension in visas for everyone, regardless of religion, from seven Middle Eastern states that the Obama administration had earlier identified as incapable of properly vetting travelers to the U.S.
  • The first lady did not work for an elite escort service.
  • The first lady never said that she and young Barron Trump would not be moving to the White House.
  • Barron Trump does not have autism.
  • Trump’s father never ran racist ads as a supposed candidate in a political campaign.
  • Kellyanne Conway never “privately remarked” to MSNBC hosts that she had to “take a shower after working for Trump.”
  • Donald Trump never suggested to the Mexican president that “the U.S. was going to invade Mexico.”
  • Trump did not “have a plan” to mobilize the National Guard to send back illegal aliens.
  • He did not remove a Martin Luther King bust from the White House.
  • He did not ease Russian sanctions after his election (or, as Obama did, promise that he would be “more flexible” after he was elected).
  • He did not reduce FBI resources to conduct the ongoing investigation into supposed Russian collusion.
  • He did not go to Moscow and watch prostitutes in his bed urinate where Barack Obama had previously slept.
  • His deputy attorney general did not threaten to resign when Trump fired FBI Director, James  Comey.
  • Does anyone know or care whether Trump gets “two scoops of ice cream while restricting his guests to one scoop?”
  • Does anyone know or care whether Trump walks around in a bathrobe in the early evening?
  • Does anyone know or actually believe that a man who made billions of dollars cannot find “the light switch” in the White House? (Is there only one? And would the Secret Service allow the President to walk into a darkened room?)
  • NYT headline: “Amid ‘Trump Effect’ Fear, 40% of Colleges See Dip in Foreign Applicants.” One must have a VERY NARROW vision of the truth to make such a statement – the actual survey statistics calculated to a 4% difference; 40% had fewer applicants but 36% had more applicants!
  • Amber Elizabeth Lyon is a three-time Emmy award winning investigative journalist. She stated that CNN is routinely paid by foreign governments to selectively report and air news stories on events from around the world.

And let is not forget the “fake news” posted by the lame-stream media to bolster Democrat Party movements: like altering Wikipedia posts that document erroneous “climate science;” or giving the impression that 20 million Americans “bought” health insurance on Obamacare exchanges. Well, enough for today. I need to go vomit my breakfast!

And thanks (I think) to HKG for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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3 Responses to Let’s review some fake news.

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  2. David L. Wood M.D. says:

    I cannot remember such a volume of fabricated statements emanating from the proved bias of the mainstream media. It reduces most honest Americans, in my opinion, to read newspaper headlines, obituaries and sports pages but avoid the tired negative reports about the President Trump administration.

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