If you are a conservative in California you are forced to put up with this stuff.

[From: At California Democratic Convention, the Outgoing Chairman Gave Trump a vulgar Salute] Outgoing Chairman of the California Democratic Party, John Burton, told people protesting single-payer health care to “shut the f**k up or go outside.” This isn’t “beeped out” in the video so please forgive the fact that it is posted on The Rugged Individualist. I thought it was important to show I wasn’t exaggerating.

Then, in front of thousands of people, Burton led the crowd in chants of “F**k Trump!” (The F-bomb is masked in this video.) He then throws up two middle fingers and the crowd followed suit:

Please note that House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, is right there applauding.

This is the depth to which the Democrat Party has sunk. Appalling! Can you imaging what CNN would have said if it had been the California Republican Party Convention and this had been said of Barack Hussein Obama.

And thanks to Liberty Volunteers for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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3 Responses to If you are a conservative in California you are forced to put up with this stuff.

  1. Starchild says:

    Isn’t that Dianne Feinstein in the middle, also applauding? On the other hand, this is nothing new – for better or worse, John Burton is notorious for his profanity – he’s been doing it for years. And isn’t complaining about this crass display of pandering to the Democrat base at their convention just one more one-sided complaint in an endless stream of selective partisan outrage? Kind of like the Democrats complaining about the chants of “Jail Hillary” at the Republican convention?

    • Roy Filly says:

      If the Libertarian Party ever got big enough to have John Burton flip it off publicly you’d feel some “selective partisan outrage.”

      • Starchild says:

        I think we’d do better to remain focused on the harm that typical Democrat and Republican politicians do to the public and to society, and generally ignore offensive outbursts of partisanship among opponents of freedom if complaining about them would make us look like hypocrites to members of the public who could readily see Libertarians engaged in similar behavior.

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