Let’s talk about “The Pay Gap.”

If you listen to democrats and their stenographers (i.e., the mainstream media) you are probably a little fed up with the constant harping on the “pay gap” between men and women. It is especially galling because it is, for the most part, false.

I believe that Americans overwhelmingly agree that women should receive equal pay. I am among those that concur. But when apples and apples and oranges and oranges are compared, typically women are paid very similarly to men and, in many instances, women make more money than men (it is certainly true where I worked).

“Equal pay for equal work” sounds eminently “fair” but is, in reality, a ludicrous concept. Indeed, it is a computation that would be daunting for a super computer. For the moment let’s forget about “men” altogether and concentrate on “equal pay between women.” Take, as an example, two women playing in a professional golf tournament. They both walk an equal number of yards. They both swing golf clubs. Both have practiced long hours. Both are talented. But the one that does the lesser amount of work (i.e., swings the golf club the fewest number of times) gets more “pay” – a lot more “pay” – tens of thousands of dollars more “pay”– possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars more. Everyone thinks this is fair. Why is that, ask you? Because, answer I, the reward – the pay – in dollars is for talent, not “work.” Computing “pay” differences between men and women from IRS records is simply STUPID! Myriad factors go unaccounted in such comparisons.

Now let’s get down to the real “pay inequality” – government versus private sector workers. We must first begin with a question. Is it your opinion that in dealing with government workers you find them to be more efficient, friendlier, harder working, more intelligent and more highly educated than a worker in the private sector doing exactly the same job? I am going to make a presumption that you answered “no” – or, alternatively, were dumbstruck and fell out of your chair laughing.

[Source: Here’s a pay gap worth being concerned about, by Rachel Grezler]

Look at the chart below:

With the exception of professionals (go figure why the Veterans Administration hospitals are getting pilloried) and those holding doctoral degrees the federal workers are compensated far better than those in the private sector. The most remarkable fact is that if you are a high school “drop-out” you are paid half-again more than someone in the private sector! The pay differential is heavily based on the fact that federal employees receive 47 percent higher benefits, on average.

These computations have been done by many organizations. The Heritage Foundation estimates a 22 percent pay differential and a 30 to 40 percent total compensation differential. Meanwhile, the American Enterprise Institute estimates a 14 percent pay differential and a 61 percent total compensation differential. Therefore, the chart above is by no means overly biased in one direction.

What possible logic drives the rationale that the federal government massively overcompensates low-skilled workers while undercompensating, or penalizing, highly-skilled ones? Can it possibly be that these are the “base” of the Democrat Party. Since the 73rd Congress (we are now on the 115th Congress) there have only been 12 (compared to 42 for the Democrat Party) where the Republicans had more elected members of Congress than the Democrats.

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2 Responses to Let’s talk about “The Pay Gap.”

  1. David L. Wood M.D. says:

    It is hard to discern, which subject is important to be in opposition to by the ‘liberal’-leftwing, socialist Democrats and their biased allies in the media because almost everything announced by President Trump and his staff is treated as an anathema by those in the opposing party. Their present dedication to the destabilization and destruction of the whole Republican agenda is unprecedented in its degree and vitriol. The subject of “the pay-gap” is just another example of the attempt to disqualify and detract from the negativity of the unholy ‘liberal’ ideology.

  2. Greg says:

    It is amazing to me. The jobs are open to the public. Anyone could have one. Don’t be envious..

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