What if the Hillary could get a redo of the election today?

The Democrat Party has had a couple “strategies” since Donald Trump trumped Hillary Clinton on November 8, 2016. The first was to show he was “illegitimate.”

[Source: For The Very Last Time: Hillary Clinton Lost Because She Was A Bad Candidate, by Jay Caruso]

According to the Democrat Party, Hillary lost because of:

The Russians – Hillary’s supporters are convinced the Trump campaign colluded with Russian government officials to hack voter data and use that information to engage in micro-targeting potential Trump voters to get out and vote for him.

F.B.I. Director James Comey – Hillary’s supporters are also blaming James Comey, saying the release of his infamous letter in the closing days of the campaign shifted votes from Hillary to Trump.

Wikileaks – Emails were released at intervals which showed that Hillary cheated on debates and broke federal rules. Her campaign was constantly fighting amongst themselves.

However, election statistics do not bear that out. These Democrat Party accusations do not hold up under scrutiny (footnote).

But now the American people have heard those accusations… what… a million times from the “media.”

Since that never got traction the Democrat Party turned to obstruction and an attempt to show that Trump is “not as popular as Obama” in his first 100 days, is not “accomplishing” any “major political objectives” in his first 100 days, has “no foreign policy”… did I leave anything out? Oh, yes… homophobe, xenophobe, racist, sexist, misogynist… There I think that covers it.

Of course, Obama passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in his first 100 days (you remember; “The Stimulus”). That has to be the worst (and most expensive) piece of legislation of the last 50 years… all of those “shovel ready” projects; all those payoffs to states that supported Obama… Since the calamity of “The Stimulus” have you ever heard a single Democrat utter the word “stimulus?” – and it will be 50 years before you hear the word again!

So, the Democrat Party has made their best case that Donald trump is a terrible president and Hillary should be in the White House. Let’s see what a redo of the election would look like if it were held today.

[Source: POLL SHOCK: If the 2016 election were held today Donal Trump would win again, by Streiff]

This poll was just published:

Among Americans who say they voted in the 2016 election, 46 percent say they voted for Hillary Clinton and 43 percent for Trump, very close to the 2-point margin in the actual popular vote results. However, while Trump would retain almost all of his support if the election were held again today (96 percent), fewer of Clinton’s supporters say they’d stick with her (85 percent), producing a 40-43 percent Clinton-Trump result in this hypothetical re-do among 2016 voters.

That’s not because former Clinton supporters would now back Trump; only 2 percent of them say they’d do so, similar to the 1 percent of Trump voters who say they’d switch to Clinton. Instead, they’re more apt to say they’d vote for a third-party candidate or wouldn’t vote.

In a cautionary note to her party, Clinton’s 6-point drop in a hypothetical mulligan election relates to views of whether the Democratic Party is in touch with peoples’ concerns…

This poll shows that if the 2016 election was held today, Trump would not only win, he’d win the popular vote.

Mirabili dictu – time to go back to the drawing boards Democrat Party strategists.

Roy Filly


[From the Caruso article] The three states that ultimately cost Hillary Clinton the election are Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. All Hillary Clinton had to do was get the same amount of votes as Barack Obama did in 2012, and we’d be hearing people say, “Madame President,” even with Donald Trump mildly outperforming Mitt Romney in the same states. Here are the numbers (vote totals):

Wisconsin 2012

Barack Obama:  1,620,985 / Mitt Romney: 1,407,966

Wisconsin 2016

Hillary Clinton: 1,382,201 / Donald Trump:  1,409,467

Difference: Hillary -238,784 / Donald Trump: +1,501

Michigan 2012 

Barack Obama:  2,564,569 / Mitt Romney:  2,115,256

Michigan 2016

Hillary Clinton: 2,268,193 / Donald Trump: 2,279,805

Difference: Hillary -296,376 / Donald Trump +164,549

Pennsylvania 2012 

Barack Obama:  2,990,974 / Mitt Romney:  2,680,434

Pennsylvania 2016

Hillary Clinton: 2,844,705 / Donald Trump: 2,912,941

Difference: Hillary -145,671 / Donald Trump +232,507

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