Up is down!

Isn’t it remarkable how the media changed after November 8, 2016. What was “good” is now “bad.” What was “up” is now “down.”

The defeat of Hillary Clinton was even more consequential than many believe. It changed America in a way the rivals the defeat of the British at the Battle of Yorktown. The left blames Donald Trump for literally everything. They fail to realize that the great division of America occurred because of Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat Party’s penchant for identity politics. They taught us to hate and now their surprised we hate them.

[Source: With the election of Trump, the world turned upside down, by Victor Davis Hanson]

Let’s spend a moment analyzing the “reversal of the spin of the Earth” after Donald Trump’s election. Trump is not only fighting Democrats. Plenty of Republicans’ reputations were sullied by his victory, as well. John McCain, Mitt Romney, John Kasich… names that only scratch the list of Republicans who fought the election of our current president.

So many “people-in-the-know” were discredited by his election that they hope to wend their way back by trying to disrupt every policy change Trump makes. [From the Davis Hanson article]

  • Creased-brow prophesies of doom for President Trump are about as credible as their past insistence that a “blue wall” would keep him out of the White House.
  • Media collusion with the Clinton campaign was endemic in the WikiLeaks email trove. The complicity blew up any lingering notion that establishment journalists are disinterested and principled.
  • “Journalists” now turn from eight years of obsequiousness to frenzied hostility toward the White House.
  • Executive orders are no longer inspired, but dangerous.
  • Senate filibusters are no longer subversive, but vital.
  • Bypassing Congress on treaties and overseas interventions and refusal to enforce existing laws is no longer presidential leadership but seditious.
  • Protests against a sitting president are no longer near treasonous, but patriotic.
  • Cruel invective against the president and his family is no longer racist, but inspired.
  • Media collusion with the president is no longer natural, but unprofessional and dishonest.

Do these people really believe that this is the way to win back the hearts and minds of Americans (like me) that they labeled as “clingers,” “deplorables” and “irredeemables.” Maybe they should look up these words in Merriam Webster’s Dictionary. It’s not likely these Americans (like me) are going to forget the Democrat Party’s disdain for their notions of patriotism.

We deplorables are watching (with glee) as the effects of the Democrat Party overreach is coming back to bite them in the ass. Harry Reid and Obama “weaponized” the Trump presidency by killing the Senate filibuster and employing presidential fiats by “pen-and-phone” executive orders.

If Trump succeeds in producing 4% GDP growth the Democrat party can put its collective head between its collective legs and kiss its… well, you know the rest!

Roy Filly



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3 Responses to Up is down!

  1. trailbee says:

    The hatred coming from the left is incredible. Is it being fed by someone with ulterior motives? I remember the absolutely-over-the-top hoopla of Obama’s win. There were a lot of us who could not believe that no one had seen what we had. I was disappointed, but it would have been unthinkable to spew the type of hatred and vindictiveness toward the new president that we have seen and heard from the left aimed directly at Donald Trump. Can we get our country back, or is the present hatred not only to continue, but intentionally aimed at a future dissolution of America? This is what men like Soros wanted? What about the Bush clan? Warren Buffet? Apple and Microsoft? They want the right and left to hate each other? Pardon, but my naivité is showing. There will be no reconciliation? Never? This really hurts.

  2. Flayer says:

    I don’t spend one minute sympathizing with Progressives/Liberals/Democrats. They need to be kicked to the curb even harder. What they have done over the years to this country is unforgivable. I may be annoyed and distrustful of some Republicans but overall our ideology is American and patriotic and we want to live the Constitution and the Declaration and be left alone by those meddlesome tyrant-wannabes. The Democrats still don’t get it that Hillary was seen correctly as corrupt and without any core principles other than the personal accumulation of power and money. She is an unpleasant personality and has a long history of incompetence (other than the brilliant monetizing for personal gain her positions as First Lady and Sec. of State in the form of foundations, charities, speaker & consultation fees). But her house came down just in time. She did not improve with age or time. I feel no pity. In fact, I’m “walking on sunshine.” I agreed with nearly all of then candidate-Trump’s proposals. I hoped that he’d be able to get done even three of them, which in my mind, would make him the best ever. He has NOT disappointed me yet. Some in Republican leadership have, however.

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