The Two-State Solution.

You hear it all the time if you have followed the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. If Israel would accept a two-state solution there would be peace in the Middle East. Would you still believe that if you knew that Israel offered the Palestinians a two-state solution 5 times – and each time it was rejected?

As noted in the video, the Gaza Strip withdrawal by Israel in 2005 was unilateral. Israeli settlers in Gaza were literally dragged out of their homes. The settlements were dismantled and the army left. Since then terrorists have fired more than 11,000 rockets into Israel. In a single week during 2012, Palestinian terrorist groups fired more than 1,506 rockets at Israel. Imagine what our response would be if Mexico started to lob rockets into California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.


And thanks to PCoop for sending this to me.

Roy Filly

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