The latest fake news.

There is this increasingly uncomfortable feeling among Americans. Can one believe anything that one reads or hears? The left-wing media is virulently anti-Trump. (And conservative talk show radio is virulently anti-Democrat.) As a pro-Trump, anti-Democrat blogger I need to be cautious. No one is immune to personal bias.

However, it is important to point out flagrantly biased reporting. The latest example stems from the lame-stream media notion that President Trump’s position on illegal immigration and carte blanche visas to failed states harboring an abundance of terrorists is diminishing foreign student applications to US universities. (As someone who has had many such students, I believe that this would be a detriment to America if true.)

A recent New York Times article purports to document declines in international applications to American colleges and universities. One doesn’t need to “read between the lines” to recognize this “report” as a typical left-wing hit piece meant as an unflattering indictment on the Trump administration.

[Source: NY Times peddles bogus claim of “trump effect” diminishing foreign student applicants to college, by T. Becket Adams]

The NYT contends that foreign students worry they’re not welcome in the United States because of the so-called “Trump effect.” According to the article school administrators report they’ve seen declines in applications from international students. “Several (students) said they were concerned about the ‘Trump effect,'” said Portland State University president Wim Wiewel. “I’d say the rhetoric and actual executive orders are definitely having a chilling effect,” he added.

Here is the NYT headline: “Amid ‘Trump Effect’ Fear, 40% of Colleges See Dip in Foreign Applicants.” Wow! That is a remarkable statement and, frankly, disturbing. However, one must have a VERY NARROW vision of the truth to make such a statement!

Here is “the damning statement” from the article: “Nearly 40 percent of colleges are reporting overall declines in applications from international students … The biggest decline is in applications from the Middle East.” The NYT cited a survey of 250 colleges and universities conducted by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers.

Now let’s look at the results of the survey that generated the “actual data” employed in the NYT hit piece.

Of the 250 colleges and universities polled, 35 percent reported increases, compared to the 39 percent who reported decreases in foreign student applications. A little more than a quarter (26 percent) said they saw no change at all. Further, over the past decade there has been and overall 40% increase in foreign student applications.

When one reads the NYT headline, the focus on a single statistic from the survey and the addition of several defamatory quotes (“One student, who is Muslim, said his father was worried that America had an anti-Muslim attitude.” ” ‘Our deans describe it as a chilling effect,’ said Suzanne Ortega, president of the Council of Graduate Schools.”) is it any wonder what message NYT readers receive? Isn’t the NYT supposed to be the great “Gray Lady” of journalism. Doesn’t it have the reputation as the national “newspaper of record.” What a joke. It appears the “Gray Lady” has a bad case of bias and Alzheimers.

And thanks to HP for sending this to me.

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7 Responses to The latest fake news.

  1. Dick Toomey says:

    A few months ago, the NYT launched their new branding campaign. The theme — “The Truth.” The ad series is actually quite good. But in reality — a joke, given real world performance. For all the reasons of size and influence, NY believes it’s the center of the universe and the NYT believes it’s the paragon of journalistic virtue. Neither is true. The “Gray Lady” has joined the world’s oldest profession.

  2. And besides, if fewer ragheads come here to study, that’s a GOOD thing — the only reason a raghead would seek a student visa is if he/she wants to learn how to blow us up! So any decline in applications from the middle east (excluding Israel) is a GOOD thing!

    • Roy Filly says:

      Sorry, but you are quite wrong. I have had dozens of brilliant, dedicated Middle Eastern students. Don’t paint everyone with a broad brush. Caution and vetting are certainly advisable.
      But please never use the term “rag head” again when responding to the Rugged Individualist. Civility is a must.

      Thank you, @agetorange153.

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