Obama likes to hide things.

Researchers have discovered that Obama’s autobiographical books are little more than PR stunts, as they have little to do with the actual events of his life. The fact is we know less about President Obama than perhaps any other president in American history.

Allow me to ask you a few questions about Obama. Do you know:

  • Were his parents ever married?

  • Who were his girlfriends and early buddies?

  • How well did he perform in school?

  • Who got him into (let alone paid for) Columbia University and Harvard Law?

  • Who financed his world travels?

[Sources: The Mystery of Barack Obama Continues, by Patrick Brown and Obama Spent $36 Million in Taxpayer Money to Hide His Administration’s Documents, by American Liberty Report]

Dozens of researchers from across the nation have attempted to fill in the blanks, but at every turn there have been walls built around various records or the records simply disappeared.

Now we learn that he pulled the same stunt as he left the Presidency.

Do any of you remember this quote from Obama? On February 14, 2013, he declared that he would make his presidency “the most transparent administration in history.” Reality is that he accomplished the opposite.

[From the American Liberty Report] Not only was the Obama administration one of the least transparent administrations in modern history, it was one of the most obstructive, giving those who requested information either nothing or censored files for 77 percent of all requests in the last year of the former president’s term in office…

Documents were also censored more on national security grounds than under any other president in history.

A huge number of lawsuits were filed in the last four years by organizations such as the Associated Press (AP), the New York Times and the Center for Public Integrity, according to Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse…

In total, the Obama administration spent $36.2 million fighting FOIA request lawsuits in the last year of his presidency… The (Obama) administration also prosecuted more whistleblowers for revealing information than all previous presidencies combined. 

Well, I find this to be no surprise. As the most failed presidency in the history of the Republic, why would we be surprised that he failed at another of his innumerable promises. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” was only the most famous of these. The promise to be the “most transparent presidency” is just one more broken promise on an extremely long list. The only reason I bring it up was that it was the final insult as he left office.

And thanks to JM for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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2 Responses to Obama likes to hide things.

  1. Anne Malcolm says:

    Obama and his admin used the security services for political purposed to try to bring down the new president who even they were surprised won against the “sure thing” Hillary. He used the IRS for political purposes to thwart conservative groups from organizing and fund-raising. He used the EPA for fake science. He was a snake, a serpent, just like in the Garden, who used half-truths and lies to an adoring media. As Rush said the other day,”Is the media an arm of the DNC or is the DNC an arm of the media?”

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