Congressman Ted Poe.

It has been a unique two days for my little website. An argument raged on about the American Health Care Act. For the most part the argument was quite civil (good points were made on both sides), but emotions ran strong, particularly because I said that the Freedom Caucus was to blame for Obamacare remaining the law of the land.

But, at least, I learned what a RINO is. That is a Republican In Name Only. But how do we define that? Well, I believe the best definition would be Republicans who side with the Democrats. Let’s look at the vote:

  • Republicans — 201 “yes” votes
  • Democrats —  193 “no” votes
  • Freedom Caucus — 36 “no” votes

Hmm! Looks like the Freedom Caucus sided with the Democrats to make Obamacare the law of the land. They must be those rotten RINOs.

Their intransigence got so bad that one of their members resigned from the Caucus, Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX). Why ever did he do that?

The Congressman resigned Sunday in protest over the group’s opposition to the Republican-backed health care bill. He was one of the original members of the Freedom Caucus. Poe stated that the President, the Vice President, Paul Ryan and the Secretary of HHS came to the Caucus and agreed to some changes demanded by the Caucus SEVERAL TIMES (that debunks several of the arguments). But they had decided that “No was going to be the answer… The goalposts kept getting moved,” Poe said. “And no matter what, at the end of the day, ‘no’ was the answer.” (The “goalposts” statement and the “no was going to be the answer” statement debunks several other arguments.)

To be honest I do not know whether Speaker Ryan chose the best course of action or whether the AHCA was the “best” we could do. But, as a scientist, I know there are three possibilities:

  • The AHCA was exactly the same as Obamacare (they simply copied the bill and all of its regulations — no small task (see below) — and renamed it the American Health Care Act.

  • The AHCA was worse than Obamacare and absolutely nothing “Republicans want” was in the legislation plus a few things “Republicans hate.”
  • The ACHA was better than Obamacare (exactly “how much better” to be judged by the American citizen).

You can vote on which was the correct assumption, but we all know the answer. And the final immutable fact that cannot be denied: OBAMACARE REMAINS THE LAW OF THE LAND! (Look at the photo above. That is what we are forced to live with.)

Roy Filly





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6 Responses to Congressman Ted Poe.

  1. Stabee. says:

    The basis of your post is entirely incorrect:
    Republicans — 201 “yes” votes
    Democrats — 193 “no” votes
    Freedom Caucus — 36 “no” votes
    We know the Freedom Caucus memebers were a no vote. We know the Tuesday Group ( a ‘moderate’ R group) members were also against. We know various other individual members were outspokenly against and we also know the vast majority made no public opinion known – a deliberate (and typically political) move based on the fact that a politician who is focused on his own good does best to not make his position known on a controversial matter – until he has to. Ryan covered for them and himself by setting a hard deadline and then canceling the vote when it became clear he couldn’t get it passed. This singling out of only 1 of the groups against his plan was part of Paul Ryan’s ongoing crusade to harden his bulwark against his right flank

    • Roy Filly says:

      The bill almost passed (ergo 200 plus votes) and while not giving a number, I trust Ryan. Further the AHCA will pass because the Freedom Caucus is getting pummeled. And, finally, when the it is known that the bill will not pass, all the wimps chnage their votes to “no.”

  2. Stabee. says:

    I’m not too sure how it could possibly be more than 200 votes when the number of representatives who openly said they wouldn’t vote for it (The Tuesday Group alone) makes that impossible.

  3. Starchild says:

    “I learned what a RINO is. That is a Republican In Name Only. But how do we define that? Well, I believe the best definition would be Republicans who side with the Democrats.”

    That would mean virtually all Republicans are RINOs, since Republicans typically side with Democrats on all kinds of things – maintaining an arsenal of life-threatening nuclear weapons, enforcing anti-immigration policies (Democrats rarely support freedom of movement either), excluding alternative political parties and independent candidates from debates, and generally supporting the continued existence of a vast welfare/warfare regulatory Big Brother/nanny state. Although their disagreements get lots of press, the areas where the leaders of the two cartel parties disagree are actually relatively minor.

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