What just happened?

The 115th Congress of the United States has 237 Republicans, 193 Democrats, and 5 vacancies. Of the 5 vacancies 4 are Republicans and one is a Democrat.

  • Pompeo (R), KS resigned 01/23/2017 to be CIA director
  • Becerra (D), CA resigned 01/24/2017 to be California attorney general
  • Price (R), GA resigned 02/10/2017 to be Health and Human Services secretary
  • Mulvaney (R), SC resigned 02/16/2017 to be OMB director
  • Zinke (R), MT resigned 03/01/2017 to be Interior secretary

For a measure to pass requires a majority vote of 216 (vacant seats do not count). But yesterday approximately 30 or so Republicans failed to join the overwhelming majority of 200 or so fellow Party members. Why is that, ask you? Because, answer I, they NEED to show that they are MORE CONSERVATIVE THAN THOSE OTHER GUYS! They do not want to show they are more conservative than Democrats. No. They need to show that they are more conservative than the vast majority of Republicans. It’s their way or the highway.

Democrats are bad for the nation, but they are united and smart (all 193 Democrats were no votes, yesterday). Republicans are righteous, but fractured and STUPID! Someone needs to tell them that they are no longer the opposition party. Saying “No” is the raison d’être of an opposition party, not the governing party.

Let’s check the score:

  • Americans did not get a $900 billion tax cut
  • Americans did not accrue the benefit of $1.2 trillion less federal spending on healthcare
  • The extra $300 billion would likely have ended up in the Tax Reform Bill – no longer
  • Tax reform just got a lot more difficult and the “cuts” will necessarily be less substantial
  • Americans did not see helpful changes to Medicaid (a disaster waiting to happen)
  • Risk pools for Americans with prior illness – NOT HAPPENING
  • Small businesses are still under the yoke of Obamacare. Less hiring.
  • Nearly all Americans will see premium increases
  • 5 states have one plan from which to “choose;” more than one-third of all counties have one plan from which to “choose”
  • Secretary Price will not have the administrative tools to do phase two of the dismantling of Obamacare — why? Because there is no PHASE ONE
  • Republicans just handed their newly minted president a disastrous defeat in his first foray into passing a major piece of legislation
  • A massive amount of political capital was spent – FOR NOTHING
  • The Democrats are crowing!
  • The lame-stream media is having a field day: Major defeat for Trump (NYT). Republicans unprepared to lead (Vox.com), Obamacare defeats Trump (NY mag) — I could go on with dozens more
  • Obamacare remains the law of the land
  • The most often quoted promise of the Republican Party DID NOT COME TO FRUITION

Wow! A great day for our Party and our nation. But, “What the hell” the bill wasn’t “perfect” and it wasn’t “conservative ENOUGH.”

Roy Filly


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3 Responses to What just happened?

  1. Edward says:

    Republicans continue to screw up ———- even when they control the Congress AND White House. They better get their act together fast. Let’s see what happens with the Gorsuch vote. If they don’t play their cards right on this one, they’ll screw it up too.

  2. David L. Wood, M.D. says:

    What is it in the “conservative” mind that allows for so many tiers and insistencies? Good Grief, what a bunch of undisciplined little people. Nonetheless, I firmly believe in the strength of character and purpose of Donal trump eventually to win out.

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