A little levity will help.

From my earlier post you can see that I am not a happy Republican camper today. A bit of levity is in order.

Not entirely sure I get this one. But it is funny watching the Dems try to get something to stick on Gorsuch.

Roy Filly


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4 Responses to A little levity will help.

  1. What I fail to understand is, last year Congress passed a bill to repeal the ACA and Obama vetoed it. Why not present that bill to Trump ????

    • Roy Filly says:

      Republicans promised to repeal and replace Obamacare, so why not just repeal it immediately? The answer is simple: They can’t.
      The Democrats passed Obamacare into law as part of a budget reconciliation in 2010 and Republicans intend to use the maneuver to pass their own health plan.
      So why not use the budget reconciliation to simply repeal Obamacare? Four Republican senators have pledged to join the Democrats in voting against any repeal bill that does not allow a period to phase out Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion. The four, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Cory Gardner of Colorado, Rob Portman of Ohio and Shelly Moore Capito of West Virginia, are all from states that chose to adopt the Medicaid expansion. If the four cling to their pledge, a budget reconciliation with a simple repeal would be defeated in the Senate. Given the opposition of the Medicaid Four, Republicans had no choice, but start tinkering with a replacement that would garner their votes.

  2. Flayer says:

    So why blame the Freedom Caucus as you did in your previous post when it was really the intransigent 4 Rinos who scuttled the bill. I would add Ryan whom I don’t trust and who was truly horrible to Trump. I’m sick of the attitude of any bill is better than nothing. The pressure should have been put in the 4. We still have time to get it right. If it had passed the media and Dems would still crow, calling it Obamacare Lite.

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