Democracy. Checks and balances. Yikes!

The American people (including me) are getting a chance to see the Constitution and American Democracy in action. As it turns out they needed to see the Republican Party (not the Democrat Party) to witness democracy in action.

When a Republican House, Republican Senate, and Republican President were seated this year, Americans were ready for the rubber stamp. The purported “strongman,” Donald Trump (you remember – Mussolini reborn) would steamroll Congress into anything and everything he wanted. Wow! Was that ever wrong!

When did Americans forget that Washington was a sausage factory – with all the puns that went with it? They forgot when in 2009 we had a Democrat House, Democrat Senate, and Democrat President. They watched with fascination. Want a trillion dollar “stimulus” to fund “shovel ready” projects? No problem. Want to take over 18% of the US economy with a 2000 page healthcare bill? No Problem. Want to give defacto “citizenship” to illegal immigrants? No problem.

Now witness the Republicans. Want to repeal and replace Obamacare? Problem. Want to submit a budget proposal? Problem. Want to pass a trillion dollar infrastructure bill? Problem. Want to enhance military funding? Problem. Want to limit visas to “government-less” countries loaded with terrorists? Problem.

I know on which side of these issues I stand (and so do you because I write them down and publish them daily). But pro or con, we are seeing checks and balances in full view.

Mirabili dictu! Madison was right! “Madison’s genius was to understand that the best bulwark against tyranny was not virtue (and definitely not “virtue-signaling”)… but ambition counteracting ambition, faction counteracting faction” (Charles Krauthammer).

I find it both incredibly frustrating and wonderful!

Roy Filly


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