It never fails!

The Democrat Party ALWAYS chooses the one thing in any plan they dislike that they interpret as “throwing Granny over a cliff.” A classic example is the budget cut to the severely abused Community Development Block Grant program (administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development).

[Source: UPDATED! Seniors won’t starve if Meals on Wheels loses government grants, by Nick Gillespie]

The Community Development Block Grant program is rife with waste, fraud, and abuse (type “Community Development Block Grant program corruption” into Google and you get 863,000 hits) but… it funds the popular Meals on Wheels, which delivers food to housebound seniors. OMG, scream the Democrats! Who could be so heartless?!?!?!

So let us see what all of the fuss is about. How much of Meals on Wheels is funded by the Community Development Block Grant program, ask you? Good question, answer I. [From the Gillespie article] There are hundreds of Meals on Wheels organizations around the country… Overwhelmingly, the groups get the majority of revenue from charitable giving, not government funds. In 2015, for instance, the national Meals on Wheels reported that government grants accounted for just 3% of its annual revenues of $7.5 million. Meals on Wheels for San Diego County in California says that government grants made up just 1.5 percent ($68,534) of its revenues of $4.4 million…

Because the financial reports from Meals on Wheels groups often do not list funding sources, it is difficult to over generalize. Nonetheless, the cut in funding is hardly a death blow to the program. Because the Democrat Party always wants to spend more – not less (unless, of course, it is for defense of our nation) they automatically cast all social spending cuts in apocalyptic terms.

Even the Meals on Wheels organization concurs that federal contributions are relatively small. Here’s a statement from Meals on Wheels America, the national coordinating group for the service, on federal funding.

“The nationwide Meals on Wheels network, comprised of 5,000, local, community-based programs, receives… funding for the provision of congregate and home-delivered meals from the federal government through the Older Americans Act… Community Development Block Grant, Community Services Block Grant and the Social Services Block Grant… Programs rely on contributions from state or local governments, private donations and other resources to cover the rest… Meals on Wheels America, the largest and oldest national organization… receives only 3% of its funding from the government…”

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One Response to It never fails!

  1. trailbee says:

    Meals on Wheels has been around a long time and to be very honest, it’s like the local food banks. Those of us who value these agencies and their work, will make certain that they will continue. Since Conservatives usually donate more than liberals, there will always be money four our seniors and those unable to help themselves. The Chuck Schumers and Nancy Pelosis look for exploitable situations. Why don’t they just shell out a little of their personal money, like the rest of us, and they will have some skin in the game and know their seniors are well taken care of. Beats skimming the top for sanctuary city money. 🙂

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