Three completely unrelated subjects.

The graph below does not include the USA (Source: Eurostat), only European nations. However, I am confident that our statistic would be similar. As a physician, I use google frequently. It is a remarkable source of information. In fact, the first time I ever heard the name “Google” (circa 2000) or saw a Google search result was when one my resident students found that answer to a question I did not know (and was considered a world authority in the particular subject)! Being an informed patient is one of your best health protections.

The Devil made me do it, but I just had to post this!

Over the next week or two we will get an earful about President Trump’s budget. As a small government, strong defense conservative… well, I love it! He could have eliminated some of those Departments and I would not have shed a tear. And, by the by, when the Democrats start to demean the Trump Budget, recall these facts:

  • 2015 Senate vote on Obama budget defeated 98 – 1
  • 2012 Senate vote on Obama budget defeated 99 – 0
  • 2011 Senate vote on Obama budget defeated 97 – 0
  • the Obama administration missed every deadline to submit a budget since he first took office in 2009.

I think Milton Friedman had it exactly right!

Roy Filly


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