Food for thought.

I believe my skepticism of “climate change” and “global warming” is more than evident in the numerous posts I have written on this issue. Here are a few. There are dozens more.

However, the graph below demonstrates that if the government and the media say something often enough, Americans start to believe it. Sad.

As a fiscal conservative I am always skeptical of any large government program. Among the programs about which I have been skeptical is “massive infrastructure spending” – although, like all Americans, I want our infrastructure maintained. President Trump has proposed just such a new federal project (skeptical). But I must admit that if the graph below is accurate, the old truism, “a stitch in time save nine” comes to mind. His trillion dollar investment could be repaid many times over.

Roy Filly


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5 Responses to Food for thought.

  1. trailbee says:

    You are bucking a trend, unfortunately. It will take another twenty years for school books to teach the truth, and you will not be around, maybe, to see that. When I took Physical Geography at university, I had to toe the line if I wanted to pass. I was a pushover for a good grade, so you know what I said in my papers. However, the more I had to state the unobvious, the madder I got. I passed. 🙂

  2. old student says:

    re: “a stitch in time save nine”… wow, how far have we travelled? A healthy chunk of skepticism for government and elected officials is a great American tradition, and I think we agree on that. Of course, when one votes for someone, it’s natural to root for them, especially early on; the skepticism is often buried. But hopefully that skepticism finds its way back to the surface. Your post sounds an awful lot like big government is alright, as long as it is “my” big government. Maybe I missed some posts, but I think it’s about time for some healthy skepticism to come back to this blog. A useful internal check is to imagine that whatever scandal is happening to your favorite politician is now happening to your least favorite politician. And then respond accordingly.

  3. Anne Malcolm says:

    Then WE must get busy and start repeating the TRUTH over and over again. Two can play the same game. Our problem is we think we can rest on our laurels because have the truth on our side. We must become Truth Warriors to oppose the SJWs.

  4. Anne Malcolm says:

    Also, I’d be skeptical of how Pew designed the polls and how the questions were asked. I’ve had pollsters calling with questions that started with, “As you know…”

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