Food for thought.

The whole matter has gone far beyond STUPID! I can’t even watch the news anymore and I’m a political junkie!


Somebody likes Trump!


Over and over and over… yawn!

Hey! I just learned something useful from Obama!

Roy Filly


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4 Responses to Food for thought.

  1. Starchild says:

    Is that a hole in the shoe of the running donkey? Evidence of having shot itself in the foot? 🙂

  2. Starchild says:

    To be clear, the whole uproar over Michael Flynn talking to the Russians is another one of the frequent news cycle incidents where the hypocrisy cuts both ways. It doesn’t take much imagination to envision the outrage that would have poured forth from commentators on the right if Clinton had won the election and Obama administration or Clinton campaign officials were suspected of having had conversations with a “foreign power” suspected of hacking the Republican National Committee and leaking information to swing the elections in their favor, and how Democrats would have been pooh-poohing the allegations as much ado about nothing.

  3. In the third cartoon, it shouldn’t be the 4:05 but the 4:20! 😉

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