Offered without comment.

A visual analysis of this “distribution” speaks volumes.


If you need proof that “the media” is a left-wing commercial, simply look below.


Roy Filly


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One Response to Offered without comment.

  1. old student says:

    How is this proof of anything, other than the title–“trust is eroding.” You should have put the quotes around the word proof, not the word media. In fact, for you to interpret this figure as evidence that the media is a “left wing commercial” says something about either (1) your deductive reasoning or (2) your personal beliefs regarding the media. I know your deductive reasoning is intact, so I submit to you that perhaps you are projecting your belief system onto this figure. There are lots of ways to interpret this figure, and I agree it is interesting. But keeping an open mind about data (survey data, no less) and what conclusions to deduce is a basic skill for any good scientist.

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