It’s about time!

I’ll start with a couple “disclaimers.” First, I am not a fan of the United Nations. Second, I am a fan of Israel. If those two factoids are causing your breakfast to roll around in your stomach you would be well advised not to read on.

[Source: Haley’s Comet, Editorial of The New York Sun]

President Trump’s new ambassador at the United Nations, Nikki Haley, held her first press conference. When she was nominated by President Trump she was ridiculed by the Democrats because of her alleged “lack of foreign policy experience.” Well….

[From the New York Sun Editorial] She certainly rang the wake up gong for (the crowd at the press conference) after emerging from her first Security Council monthly meeting devoted to the Middle East. Tough as nails but with a smile and a layer of Southern charm… (s)he said (the) meeting… “was a bit strange.” The Security Council, she said, is supposed to discuss how to maintain international peace and security. But the meeting, she said, was not about Hezbollah’s illegal buildup of rockets in Lebanon, it was not about the money and weapons Iran provides to terrorists, it was not how we defeat ISIS, it was not how we hold Beshar al-Assad accountable for the slaughter of thousands of civilians.

“No,” she said, “instead the meeting focused on criticizing Israel, the one true democracy in the Middle East. I am new around here, but I understand that’s how the Council has operated month after month for decades. I am here to say the United States will not turn a blind eye to this anymore. I am here to underscore the ironclad support of the United States for Israel. I am here to emphasize that the United States is determined to stand up to the U.N.’s anti-Israel bias.

The ambassador made clear that the Trump administration will not support the kind of resolution from which the Obama administration’s ambassador — Samantha Power — shamefully abstained, though Mrs. Haley was too polite to name the humiliated Ms. Power. “The outrageously biased resolutions from the Security Council and the General Assembly only make peace harder to attain by discouraging one of the parties from going to the negotiating table.”

“Incredibly,” Mrs. Haley said, “the U.N. department of political affairs has an entire division devoted to Palestinian affairs. Imagine that. There is no division devoted to illegal missile launches form North Korea. There is no division devoted to the world’s number one state sponsor of terror, Iran. The prejudiced approach to Israeli-Palestinian issues does the peace process no favors, and it bears no relationship to the reality of the world around us. The double standards are breathtaking.”

The ambassador warned that it is “the U.N.’s anti-Israel bias that is long overdue for change…” 

Refreshing to hear the truth, isn’t it?

And thanks to PCoop for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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3 Responses to It’s about time!

  1. Dick Toomey says:

    Roy, I’m in favor of supporting Israel, now that it has been in existence since the mid 40’s. You can’t right a wrong. But the authoritarian creation of Zionist Israel in the 40’s was accomplished illegally, immorally and unethically (in my opinion). That one act sowed the seeds of hate that germinate robustly to this day. Please understand my opinion does not forgive Palestinian terrorism in any way and does not suggest the US should join Israel’s other detractors — but Israel is not squeaky clean in its operations — in its own “imperialist” agenda. If Trump wants to test his vaunted negotiating abilities, this is the most fertile place to do it. DT

    • Nobody cares about your opinion — the creation of Israel was PERFECTLY LEGAL according to the Balfour Declaration (in fact, the ONE thing about its creation that was ILLEGAL is that Israel was only given a SMALL FRACTION of the land it was entitled to under the Declaration), and as for questions of morality and ethics, these matters have NO PLACE in international affairs AT ALL! Nor did the creation of Israel have ANY part in “sowing the seeds of hate” — the hate comes from ISLAM ITSELF! And last but not least, because Israel is our best ally in the Great War on Terror, by definition it IS squeaky clean NO MATTER WHAT IT DOES IN THE COURSE OF FIGHTING TERRORISTS — because this cause justifies ALL measures!

  2. David L. Wood says:

    At last, courage and clarity of purpose and support is being propounded by Nikki Haley of our, the US, deserving ally, Israel.

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