Kinda interestin’.

This graph is surprising in some ways – at least to me. Where is China? And Somalia – seriously? Unless you are afraid of pirates – nota bene, it is only two below Russia. Speaking of Russia and all the news hype, it came in a distant sixth place (not that I agree with that assessment). Last but not least, Trump’s visa ban looks like it comports pretty well with who Americans consider out greatest enemies (but, of course, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals knows best about that). We wouldn’t want to stop “our greatest enemies” from freely walking around our nation (and, if they’re “refugees,” we need to give them welfare benefits)!


Roy Filly


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One Response to Kinda interestin’.

  1. David L. Wood says:

    To observe how extensive the “progressive”-socialism-philosophic mentality abounds in this country is greatly disturbing. Thank God, enough people evaluate the nation more correctly to elect a real and honest strong citizen to be their next president.

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