Dems and MSM have short term memory loss.

The Democrat Party and the lame-stream media are beside themselves with joy. General Michael Flynn, a great American, was forced to resign as National Security Advisor. Andy Pudzer has withdrawn his name from consideration as Secretary of Labor. Now the Democrat Party and the lame-stream media can howl at the moon and claim the Trump administration is falling apart.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane. You will have forgotten nearly all of the following, not because you are becoming senile, but because the Dems and media didn’t have much to say about it.

[Source: Bumps in the Road: Trump vs. Obama, by Michele Malkin]

  • Obama’s choice for National Intelligence Council chairman, Charles Freeman, was forced to resigned in March 2009. The former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia was found to have abundant conflicts of interests. Forget Rex Tillerson being CEO of Exxon. At least Exxon is an American corporation. Freeman served for four years on the board of the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, a communist state-owned company. Freeman was, as well, a Jew-bashing and tyrant-coddling liberal.
  • These problems said less about Freeman than it did about the Obama administration’s vetting system – or, more appropriately, the absence thereof. Yet you never heard a word about Obama’s vetting problems.
  • By this time in Obama’s first term, former Democratic New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson had withdrawn as Commerce Secretary nominee after both liberals and conservatives protested his long record of corruption and incompetence. It earned him the moniker “Dollar Bill.” At the time Obama tapped him he was the subject of an ongoing grand jury investigation into whether he traded New Mexico government contracts for campaign contributions.
  • Richardson’s replacement, Judd Gregg, accepted and then quickly withdrew after disagreements over Obama’s massive federal stimulus proposal (I am certain you remember all of those “shovel-ready projects”) and Democrats’ politicization of the Census.
  • Former Democratic South Dakota Sen. Tom Daschle was also forced to withdraw from his nomination as Obama’s Health and Human Services secretary amid a storm of ethical scandal, conflicts of interest, and tax avoidance.
  • Treasury Secretary Geithner did not resign but was shown to have failed to pay $43,000 in federal self-employment taxes for four separate years.
  • At least five other Treasury staff picks withdrew over tax problems and conflicts of interest before the Obama administration had reached the 100-day mark,

Obama set the turnover record for an incoming cabinet with four major withdrawals. And let us not forget that the Democrats HAD A FILIBUSTER-PROOF MAJORITY.

Our dishonest media like to pretend that these errors by the Trump administration are “unprecedented.” Frankly, I find them and their reporting to be sickening.

Roy Filly


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