Politics in cartoon form.

We will see if this is what transpires, but likely it will. When he was nominated to serve on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Neil Gorsuch, only 38 years old at the time, was confirmed by voice vote — which is to say, unanimously. Twelve of the 48 current Democratic senators were also in the Senate then, and not one of the 12 chose to vote against him.


The Democrat Party is free to follow the path that they believe is best for their constituents. I applaud this! Why is that, ask you? Because, answer I, this is what they have been doing for 8 years and the number of “their constituents” (and elected officials) has fallen dramatically.


Remember, the Democrats are the “nice people.” You and I are supposed to “the crazies.”


Roy Filly


About Roy Filly

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