Replacing Obamacare: Four Plans.

Do you want to know the saddest of all things? Good, because I am going to tell you what it is. The Democrat Party actually wants whatever the Republican Party comes up with to replace Obamacare to be a bigger failure than Obamacare. They would rather the entire nation suffer in order that they can win a political contest.

The Democrat mouthpieces continually accuse GOP lawmakers of failing to put forth a replacement plan for the health care law. But in fact, over the past several years Republicans in both the House and Senate have unveiled a number of proposals mapping out how the health care law would be replaced, should it be dismantled. What has yet to be decided is the final plan wherein there will likely be elements of several of the existing plans.

The essential elements will be:

  • to offer tax credits to consumers
  • to expand the use of health savings accounts or medical savings accounts
  • reform Medicaid
  • offer the opportunity to buy insurance across state lines
  • to repeal mandates

These are straightforward free market mechanisms to undo years of government intervention into the practice of medicine. There is no malevolent intent to make Americans less able to obtain health insurance.

Yet to be decided is whether the tax credits will be based on age or income levels. They also still need to decide where to cap the tax exclusion on employer-sponsored coverage, and whether to turn Medicaid into a block grant program or per capita allotment.

Here are four good plans already out there:

170118_obamacare-replace_burr-plan_v3 170118_obamacare-replace_price-plan_v3 170118_obamacare-replace_rsc-plan_v2 170118_obamacare-replace_ryan-plan_v4


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6 Responses to Replacing Obamacare: Four Plans.

  1. Shirley reed says:

    Tax credits and savings accounts can’t help people without enough income to make use of them.

  2. Bill Grisham CPA says:

    No Health Care Plan is better than anything the government can come up with. Let’s go back to pre-Obamacare days and leave it all to the Free Market, which includes private voluntary interactions to help those without insurance of any sort. Any Government Health Care Plan keeps the hand of Big Brother in the mix and keeps us set up for more manipulation in the future (i.e.: Reforms Unlimited).

    • Roy Filly says:

      While I do not disagree, you would need to be prepared to get rid of Medicare including 44.9 million senior citizens and 8.9 million disabled Americans – nearly all of whom have already been taxed for this benefit. Let’s face it, that is no longer an option. So the question is, How do we make health care better in a government/private system.

  3. Flayer says:

    Why is the federal government in the health insurance/health care business at all? Can’t the individual states run their own programs?

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