Offered with comment!

I live in California. As I dealt with one particular job as Vice Chairman of the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging at UCSF (designing the new – at that time – radiology department), I had ample opportunity to encounter the bureaucratic morass known as Cal/OSHPD. This is the acronym for the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development.

Now, my son, also a radiologist and Chief Of Medicine at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP), is having the same nightmare. The Department of Radiology at CHOMP is installing a new MRI scanner. Here is the time line:


Is it any wonder that businesses complain constantly about overregulation? I can assure you with almost 100% certainty that when the Cal/OSHPD “approval process is completed” they will find something in their myriad regulations that hasn’t been met. And the process will begin AGAIN!

There are more than 12000 MRI machines already installed in the USA. The overwhelming majority are sold by General Electric, Siemens, and Philips. The companies have a standard installation that has been done over and over and over… well you get the picture. But Cal/OSHPAD needs 6-7 months to see if the blueprints look like the last 1000 they investigated.


Roy Filly


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2 Responses to Offered with comment!

  1. Christian Mani says:

    Multiply your and your son’s experience by 1,000,000 and you get a true sense of why we have less than 3% growth for 8 years.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if your son could tell CHOMP that the results of any of their employees’ MRI’s won’t be available for 6 months.

  2. Is pussy riot going to perform?

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