Thank the maker! He’s gone!

What will I do with my Countdown Clock?

I should have posted this yesterday. But you get the point.


Finally some “Hope and Change!”


I know how you feel Lady Liberty.


Hopefully they’ll stay away for their whole terms.


Tee hee!


Seriously, the Democrats and the sycophants in the media will never say a kind word about Trump. Of course, had Hillary won I doubt I would have ever said a kind word about her. But unlike me, President Donald Trump led attendees at the Statuary Hall inaugural luncheon in giving a standing ovation to the former Democratic presidential candidate. “There is something that I wanted to say because I was very honored — very, very honored — when I heard that President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton were coming today,” Trump said. “I want you to stand up,” and he led a standing ovation for her. NYT and Washington Post… PAY ATTENTION!


Great play on words! I was reminded of the quote in the movie, Patton, by the general, “I thought I would stand here like this so you could see if I was really as big a son of a bitch as you think I am.” I wonder what was the conclusion of the Democrats?


Funny! That’s exactly how I feel!


By Tuesday of next week there will be a massive dent in the Obama legacy. Trump’s advisers vetted more than 200 potential executive orders for him to consider signing on healthcare, climate policy, immigration, energy and numerous other issues.


Democrats. Your hero is gone. Is this what you are celebrating? Is this why you think Trump will not be a good a president?


The Democrats are starting their standard operating refrain. Tax cuts will “blow a hole in the deficit!” Obama raised every tax he could think of and a few no American ever imagined. And what happened to “the deficit?” That’s quite A HOLE! – $9.4 trillion!

Roy Filly


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