The King of Commutations strikes again.

President Obama has been pardoning and commuting sentences like gangbusters. As I have said in the past, that is his prerogative as president according to the Constitution and I’m “OK” with that.

However, he has now added Bradley or Chelsea Manning to the commutation list. I and just about everyone in Washington thinks that commuting a traitor is a bad idea. But that’s not what I want to talk about in this post.

There are a couple of side issues that may escape your attention as this decision by Obama (literally as he is turning the lights out in the White House while walking out the door) gets dissected in the press. I don’t object if Bradley wants to become Chelsea. What I object to is paying for it. Because his/her decision was made during his/her incarceration we, the taxpayers at least, had to foot the bill. The task of changing Bradley into Chelsea is incomplete – and, yes, we may still be on the hook to pay for the completion of the process even when he/she is a “private” citizen. (Wasn’t he a “private” when he betrayed his/her nation and is he/she required to compete his/her tour of duty?)

You are well aware of two facts: 1) people died because of his betrayal, and 2) the Taliban are not nice guys. But it isn’t only that the Taliban aren’t “nice guys” they are also moronically¬†brutal. I am reminded of when Pol Pot decided to eradicate the intellectuals in Cambodia and tried to accomplish it by killing everyone THAT WORE GLASSES. In this instance, however, Manning leaked a document that simply said that the informant in an Afghan village was short and had short hair. So the Taliban went to the village and killed all the short men with short hair.

[Source: Special Report, Fox News]

Among the myriad presidential duties protecting the American people is at the top of the list. This is just another monstrous misstep by the most inept president in the history of the Republic.

Roy Filly




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One Response to The King of Commutations strikes again.

  1. David L. Wood says:

    So, what else is new for this “transparent,” “smooth transition” deceiving president?

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