Say something bad about Trump.

My readers who are Democrats or libertarians sometimes complain that I never say anything bad about Donald Trump. There is a good reason that I don’t. There are enough voices trying to derail his presidency.

Listed below are the first seven editorials listed on the Washington Post email I received today (yes, I look at the Washington Post EVERY DAY).

  • Trump has absolutely no idea what black America looks like, by Eugene Robinson
  • Not even Trump can easily reverse our progress on climate change, by David Ignatius
  • Trump gets no respect. That’s because he hasn’t earned it, by Dana Milbank
  • Just when you thought the Trump ethics disaster couldn’t get worse, it did, by Richard Painter and Norman Eisen
  • Trump picks the perfect time to show off his ignorance about black Americans, by Christine Emba
  • The economy under Trump: Plan for the worst, by Lawrence Summers
  • Trump’s presidency is doomed, by Richard Cohen

Do these “pundits” ever look back at their record to see how often they have been WRONG about Donal Trump!

I posit that every one of these articles will be proven wrong by the end of Donald Trump’s first term.

Here are my predictions:

  • Mr. Robinson: Forty percent of black Americans will vote for Mr. Trump to be reelected in 2020.

Why do I make that prediction, ask you? Because, answer I, unlike progressive/ statist/altruists who “talk a big game about ‘caring’ for African Americans,” in reality their identity politics approach needs them to be victims. Donald Trump will actually HELP THEM.

  • Mr. Ignatius: Climate change will get exactly the correct amount of attention it deserves under the Trump administration. It won’t be “zero,” but it won’t be used to destroy industries in the USA.

Why do I make that prediction, ask you? Because, answer I, I have yet to find a single prediction made by the global warming alarmists to be accurate.

  • Mr. Milbank: I predict that Donald Trump will end his presidency with more “respect” than Dana Milbank (that is a certainty) and Barack Obama (also a certainty). Before even becoming president, Donald Trump did what EVERYONE said was impossible. Doesn’t that deserve a modicum of respect?
  • Messrs. Painter and Eisen: I predict a lot of noise from the left regarding Mr. Trump’s assets during his EIGHT YEAR TENURE AS PRESIDENT. One of the main assets of the Trump organization is the Trump name. Trump Tower is an excellent example. If he were to change the name to, let’s say, Painter Tower or Eisen Tower it would greatly diminish its value.
  • Ms. Emba: As an accomplished African American woman you are entitled to your opinion. Most of us “white folks” (as Barack is wont to refer to us) have no idea what it must be like to be black in America and, I suspect, that whatever we imagine is wrong by half. But I stick to my prediction above. Forty percent of black Americans will vote for Mr. Trump to be reelected in 2020. He will accomplish this not because he has lived the plight of black Americans, but because he sees them AS AMERICANS! And, by the by, do you (or Mr. Robinson) really believe that Barack Obama who was raised by a white grandmother and educated at Harvard really understood the kind of trauma experienced by black Americans growing up and living in Chicago’s inner city as they cower from nearby gunshots?

As for Mr. Summers: As the 8th Director of the National Economics Council under Barack Obama you “successfully produced” one of the worst records of economic growth in US history (not one year of 3% growth or better) and the worst recovery from a recession since the Great Depression. Here is my prediction: the US economy under Donald Trump’s administration will dwarf what was accomplished BY YOU!

And last but not least: Mr. Cohen. The only thing DOOMED by the Trump presidency is Barack Hussein Obama’s legacy – and thank The Maker for that!

Roy Filly


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6 Responses to Say something bad about Trump.

  1. Dick Toomey says:

    There’s an expression that females consistently use to pump up a friend who has shown spirit & moxie — “you go girl.” I don’t know the expression men use for each other or if there is an expression; but whatever it is, consider it said for this post. If I were in the room with you, we would do an end zone “flying butt bump.”

  2. Pat says:

    Amen and Amen!
    And the masculine equivalent is “Go man go”

  3. Flayer says:

    Hear! Hear! Thank you.

  4. Starchild says:

    I believe “you go girl” got started in the queer community among gay men calling each other “girl”.

    So Roy, I gather your “hard” predictions amount to these: Donald Trump will be reelected in 2020, with over 40% of the African-American vote. (It’s not clear to me how you plan to measure something as nebulous as “respect”).

    Finally, I’ll just add that I miss the time, before Trump secured the GOP nomination, when more Republicans evinced more good sense about him than seem to presently. Yes, I like some of his appointments, but I still think he’s a dangerous loose cannon and not temperamentally suited to be POTUS.

    • Roy Filly says:

      Sounds like you want to live in the past. Better to move up to today. And, yes, President Trump will be reelected in 2020 with at least 40% of the African American vote. That should frost you.

  5. trailbee says:

    Starchild: The Donald was never my first choice either, but there was no question, ever, whether it was Hillary or Trump. Trump trumped Hillary. 🙂

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