Politics in Cartoon form.

Apropos of my post earlier today. Hollywood elites think so much of themselves and so little of others. If there ever was a cloister, it is Hollywood. Today is prediction day and I predict that someone at the Oscars will compare La La Land with Singing in the Rain. OK, I enjoyed La La Land, and I like Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, but they are definitely NOT Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds. Manchester by the Sea is a very well acted character study that didn’t need nearly 100 “F-bombs” to “make it real.” Seriously, do you hang out with people who say “F*ck” in every other phrase they speak? If that is “real,” God help America.


The Democrats “fret” when, in fact, they are elated that Obamacare will be gone soon. Obamacare was passed with zero bipartisanship. And seriously, I could write a better health care law than Obamacare!


Roy Filly.


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  1. Nancy H says:

    Thank you. We’ll stated.

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