Politics in cartoon form.

As I stated in my earlier post from today, Elizabeth Warren has become my least favorite politician – and believe me that takes some doing. In some respects I hope she keeps flapping her gums and gets a lot of coverage from the lamestream media. Why is that, ask you. Because, answer I, her notions of governance are the reasons the Democrat Party is fading into oblivion. So, keep it up Elizabeth.

She and Hillary are “two bloodsuckers in a pod” – yes, it’s a labored metaphor, so sue me.


Hillary is a fading memory, but Warren will continue to rile “the base.” I often denigrate the Obama legacy, but there is one legacy of his I greatly love. Obama singlehandedly destroyed the Clinton Political Machine. Hurrah, Barack!


Any Democrat that believes that Warren has “their back” is about to feel a knife between the scapulae — OK, shoulder blades.


No comment required, but don’t fail to note the baby bottles – a touch of genius.


And, last but not least, you all MUST be aware of why cartoonists dress Warren with Indian attire. I don’t think cartoonists have perfected her “face” but the feather identifies her and always will.


Roy Filly


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