A rugged individualist will soon lead HUD.

I am certain that every one of my readers is familiar with Dr. Benjamin Carson. Some may have favored him to be the Republican candidate. While I did not favor him for the presidency I was very favorably disposed to his honesty and forthrightness. However, I didn’t realize that he was a rugged individualist.

During his Senate hearings to investigate his attitudes to those things he will lead as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development he gave forth with some answers that warmed my heart.

I am not opposed to government assistance to help an American who has fallen on hard times through no fault of their own. At his hearing Carson was asked by Republican Sen. Thom Tillis how he could best serve those who are on government programs. Carson’s answer was terse but, as the saying goes, spot on.

When the North Carolina senator asked, “What is the best possible thing we can do for somebody who is on government assistance?” Carson responded, “Get them off of it.”

In his written statement before taking the oath, Carson said that growing up in “inner city Detroit with a single mother who had a 3rd grade education” allowed him to understand housing insecurity. Carson credited his mother for teaching him the importance of personal responsibility. 

Carson has an idea that I was shocked to learn was not already policy. He states that as part of his effort he plans to put medical clinics in neighborhoods – hard to believe this is a fresh thought. Carson realizes, as do I, that such clinics will actually accomplish what Obamacare promised and failed miserably to deliver. With a neighborhood clinic, the citizens would not need to “rely on the emergency room where it costs five times more and where you don’t get the kind of follow up that would prevent you from having stage five renal disease.”

[Source: Ben Carson’s Prescription: Get People Off Government Assistance, by Rachel del Guidice]

Of course the Democrats needed to throw a jab. One of my current least respected people in politics is Senator Elizabeth Warren. She asked Carson about his intentions to ensure that none of the money funneled through HUD would specifically benefit Trump’s real estate ties.

“My concern is whether or not, among the billions of dollars that you’ll be responsible for handing out in grants and loans, can you assure us that not one dollar will go to benefit either the president-elect or his family?” Warren asked. In reality it is an idiotic question. “One dollar” out “of billions.” Do we really want our leaders looking at “every dollar out of billions?”

Nonetheless, Carson responded brilliantly by saying that his work would be beneficial to all Americans, not just the select few. “It will not be my intention to do anything to benefit any American, particularly,” Carson said. “Everything that we do will be done for all Americans.”

As we used to say when I was young, “Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Senator Warren.”

I have been an academician in a medical profession for more than 40 years and at a prestigious institution. Thus, I know exactly how difficult it is to rise to the highest levels of medical academia. Ben Carson was a black physician who became Chairman of the Department of Pediatric Neurosurgery in the medical school that most often is chosen as number one in the nation. Chairmanships are considered the ultimate in achievement. I do not denigrate that Barack Obama became the first black American president, but all that he required was a smooth tongue.

You cannot simply talk your way into becoming Chairman of the Department of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University, I assure you.

Roy Filly

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3 Responses to A rugged individualist will soon lead HUD.

  1. Pat says:

    And unlike many in the political arena, he is honest to a fault. What you see is what you get! He may not be able to achieve what he wants but it will be the obstruction of the bureaucrats with selfish agendas that prevent his and Trump’s plans “to make America great again”!

  2. David L. Wood says:

    Dr. Carson is the epitome of the statement, “I am an American.” I too have been in a medical prestigious university surgery department for over thirty years, and I can underline Roy’s observation about the ability one must possess in order to rise to the chairmanship of an important specialty department. It makes me proud to see a man of such high quality rise to the height Dr. Carson has achieved. I support him one hundred percent.

    I would tell the mendacious Senator Warren to go peddle bananas.

  3. Starchild says:

    Benjamin Carson’s answer to the question “What is the best possible thing we can do for somebody who is on government assistance?” (“Get them off of it”) was more right than he may realize. “Government assistance”, after all, comes in many forms, not all of which are commonly recognized as such.

    Military protection is a form of government assistance. Arresting and prosecuting people who do things you don’t like (so that you don’t have to deal with it yourself) is a form of government assistance. EPA “clean air” regulations are a form of government assistance. Protecting people like Dr. Carson from competition via licensing laws and other regulations that criminalize the provision of some forms of medical care by people not approved by government as doctors is a form of government assistance. And of course government assistance comes in many, many other forms.

    I don’t think the best way to get people off government assistance in every case is necessarily to just immediately end the assistance cold turkey, especially if people are relying on it to get their basic needs met, and I assume Ben Carson didn’t necessarily mean that either. Some of the things government does are things that do need to be done by someone (just not necessarily by government, and certainly not via a system of coercive taxation that steals money from people under threat of violence!).

    But I hope the prospective Housing & Urban Development secretary understands that “government assistance” is much more pervasive than things like Medicare, food stamps, or Section 8 housing vouchers, and that ending many types of government assistance to the wealthy and powerful should be a higher priority than ending those programs.

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