Politics in cartoon form.

Admittedly, Meryl Streep is one of the greatest actresses of all time. But should the average American take her advice on politics as she adorned herself with 13.62 carat radiant-cut yellow diamond earrings by Harry Winston for her little speech. Do you own any Harry Winston jewelry?


Less than six days to go. Of course, he will still try to use those days to cement “his legacy” (perhaps in foreign policy by creating a “Palestinian State”)?


Proof positive that personal popularity does not have a positive correlation with sound policy. If the correlation is negative (which I believe it is) Mr. Trump will “Make America Great Again.”


The sands in the hour glass are about to run out for Barack Obama. Thank God, it is against the Constitution to turn this damnable thing over.


Of all the despicable deeds, it was the IRS scandal that I judge the worst (although the people of Aleppo would likely disagree). This extremely powerful bureaucracy has near Gestapo-like powers and the Obama administration wielded those powers for political purposes. And by the by, wasn’t that activity by the Obama administration meant TO INFLUENCE THE US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who needs Russians when you have Lois Lerner!!!


If you have been following the embarrassing shenanigans about the painting being displayed in the halls of the Capitol you will get a kick out of the cartoon below.


Roy Filly

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One Response to Politics in cartoon form.

  1. Actually, the Iran deal is FAR WORSE than the IRS scandal — because the IRS doesn’t threaten our VERY EXISTENCE, but Iran DOES!

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