In search of “the legacy.”

Here are the poll results on the Obama legacy.


Roy Filly

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3 Responses to In search of “the legacy.”

  1. Dick Toomey says:

    surprised that any of the “made progress” bars were over 10%; but then, over half the population voted for the phony — twice. There’s no accounting for mankind’s most virulent disease — ignorance.

  2. David L. Wood says:

    The most interesting Obama “legacy” statements I have read is: “A strong Republican party.” There is more than a smile to this. It appears that a large number of previously non-voting “silent-majority” citizens voted for the conservative stance of the Republican Party because of their disappointment with the eight years of the Leftwing Democrats and their mendacious leader.

  3. Flayer says:

    We need to define “progress.” For example, losing ground on “climate” is a good thing because it is pretending that we can actually control the climate by creating a big world government to tax and regulate our behavior.

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