Jokes of the day.



Obama “instructs” his functionaries to assist in a smooth transition. It seems to me that their “instructions” are worse than those given by Bill Clinton in the transition to George H.W. Bush. During the Bush transition the General Accounting Office, an investigative arm of Congress, found ”damage, theft, vandalism and pranks did occur in the White House complex” in the presidential transition from Bill Clinton to George W. Bush.

Some of the damage, it said, was clearly intentional. Glue was smeared on desk drawers. Messages disparaging President Bush were left on signs and in telephone voice mail. A few of the messages used profane or obscene language. Keys were removed from computer key pads. A Secret Service report documented the theft of the presidential sealGraffiti derogatory to Mr. Bush was actually written on the walls in a men’s room. A sticker was placed on a filing cabinet that said, ”Jail to the thief,” implying that Mr. Bush had stolen the 2000 election.

The Democrats are certainly “grown ups.”


And, at long last… our President finally “gets tough!”


Roy Filly


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