Interesting graphs.

One reads a great deal about the changing demographics of Europe, especially as it relates to Arab/Muslim immigration. One sees articles with the title, The Muslim Migrant Invasion and the Collapse of Europe.

Personally I find such articles disturbing. Therefore, when a friend and reader (PK) sent the following graph to me I was surprised (and dubious).


I started to investigate and found Pew Research data. The data from Pew essentially confirms the graph above


My mistrust did not end. I continued my searching and found data from the CIA. Their data, again, essentially confirm the above. While each data set is slightly different they belie the notion that Europe is being “overrun.”

Importantly, this is not a judgment on the advisability of what is happening in Europe. I have many concerns about the effects of the current immigration from the war-torn areas of Africa and the Middle East. However, it does supply a perspective that all consumers of the Main Stream Media should have.

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4 Responses to Interesting graphs.

  1. trailbee says:

    It is amazing that so “few” people can cause so much unrest.

  2. David L. Wood says:

    Does it matter what the graphs show smaller than perceived numbers of Muslims? What matters is the mayhem those sharia-supporting people perform in all those countries and even in the US. Percentage means apparently little when the amount of terrorism kills innocent citizens of those countries, and the almost complete non-compliance with and non-acceptance of the degree and level of civilization of the host countries by the Muslims is so obvious.

  3. Flayer says:

    This misperceptions is because Muslims make the most demands on their host nations, rather than seeking assimilation or at the minimum, seeking to be left alone. They impose Sharia Laws little-by-little under “hate speech” and accusations of “Islamophobia.” Liberal Western democracies play along by rcalling them “poor immigrants” whenever they commit criminal acts. Recently 1000 cars were torched in France by poor immigrants. I’m sure you read all about that reprehensible behavior and the French media was appalled. Right? Sharia Law has always been the goal.

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