Hypocrisy and sanctimony.

Put these two words together and one immediately knows why Donal Trump was elected.

Hypocrisy: the contrivance of a false appearance of virtue or goodness, while concealing real character or inclinations.

Sanctimony: pretended or affected righteousness.

A combination of these two attitudes grates people like few other human transgressions. Another word to add to the list of actions that GRATE is “virtue-signaling.”

Virtue-signaling: a pejorative characterization of the expression or promotion of viewpoints that are especially valued within a social group, especially when it done primarily to enhance the social standing of the speaker.

In the following I will excerpt some very excellent points made in an article by Victor Davis Hanson [It’s Still a Mad, Mad California].

It is the hypocritical and sanctimonious progressive/statist/altruist verbalizing yet another virtue signal that drives average Americans (me among them) up the wall. By way of example (one of many) we have Barack Obama opposing charter schools for the inner city as he puts his own children in Washington’s toniest prep schools. We have Al Gore telling us to reduce our “carbon footprint” from the sumptuous cabin of his private jet as it burns huge amounts of jet fuel. In just one example, the mining millionaire sent his private jet to pick him up in Melbourne, Australia where he was attending a CLIMATE CONFERENCE. The trip burnt in total about 7500 gallons of jet fuel.

[From the Davis Hanson article] The American progressive elite relies on its influence, education, money, and cultural privilege to exempt itself from the bad schools, unassimilated immigrant communities, dangerous neighborhoods, crime waves, and general impoverishment that are so often the logical consequences of its own policies — consequences for others, that is. Abstract idealism… is a powerful psychological narcotic that allows caring progressives to dull the guilt they feel about their own privilege and riches.

When I say that I have nothing against an individual being an altruist, but that it is an insane way to run a government, this is what I mean.

California is like two different states. There are the coastal communities and then the remainder of the state. These two locations could not be more disparate. California is, in many respect, a natural paradise. But its dysfunction is almost unimaginable. We have a group of coastal and governing gilt-edged elites pontificating from the world’s most exclusive and beautiful enclaves. The remainder of the state must suffer from another perfect storm of increased crime, decreased incarceration, still ongoing illegal immigration, and record poverty. The strapped middle class flees the over-regulated and overtaxed state, while the arriving poor take their places in hopes of generous entitlements, jobs servicing the elite, and government employment. Surely never in civilization’s history have so many been so willing to leave a natural paradise.

[From the Davis Hanson article] What makes the law-abiding leave California is not just the sanctimoniousness, the high taxes, or the criminality. It is always the insult added to injury. We suffer not only from the highest basket of income, sales, and gas taxes in the nation, but also from nearly the worst schools and infrastructure. We have the costliest entitlements and the most entitled. We have the largest number of billionaires and the largest number of impoverished, both in real numbers and as a percentage of the state population.

Thanks to HKG for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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One Response to Hypocrisy and sanctimony.

  1. Thank you for your accurate explaining of the above entities. I really respect semantic precision.

    It is a shame that the fraudulent socialist-progessives have achieved so many high office positions at the expense of the tax-paying citizens and so easily (at least up to now) have so unconscionably redistributed their vote-getting welfare payments to illegal aliens as well as large numbers of otherwise work-able people. I believe the incoming new administration understands this very well and can decrease it all measurably. [It just has to!!]

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