The angry (white) man.

As the Democrat Party tries to fathom how every prediction they made in this past election was wrong, a common direction to point their finger is “the angry (white) man.” I can’t describe how irate, indignant, and outraged that makes me. (Mirabili dictu! I guess they MADE ME ANGRY!)

I placed the “white” in parentheses because that was their first mistake. The correct appellation is simply “angry man.” He may be white, asian, hispanic or black. But regardless of race the “angry man” shares some characteristics that the Democrat Party has abandoned.

[Source: The Angry Man Election, by John Krawczyk]

In a well written article in the America Thinker, John Krawczyk hits the nail on the head.

The Democrat Party loves “identity politics” and thus stereotypes. But “the Angry Man” is not easily stereotyped. Perhaps that is why they do not know how to deal with such people.

I, for one, am an “angry man.”

[From the Krawczyk article] The Angry Man is difficult to stereotype. He comes from all economic backgrounds, from dirt-poor to filthy rich. He represents all geographic areas in America, from sophisticated urbanite to rural redneck, Deep South to Yankee North, Left Coast to Eastern Seaboard.

No matter where he’s from, Angry Men share many common traits; they aren’t asking for anything from anyone other than the promise to be able to make their own way on a level playing field. (Hmm. Sounds suspiciously like a rugged individualist – RF.) In many cases, they are independent businessmen and employ several people. They pay more than their share of taxes and they work hard. Damn hard, for what they have and intend to keep.

He’s used to picking up the tab, whether it’s the Christmas party for the employees at his company, three sets of braces, college educations or a beautiful wedding or two. Not because he was forced to, but because it’s the right thing to do.

The Angry Man believes the Constitution should be interpreted as it was written. It is not a “living document” open to the whims and vagaries of appointed judges and political winds…

Victimhood syndrome buzzwords; “disenfranchised,” “marginalized” and “voiceless” don’t resonate with The Angry Man. “Press ‘one’ for English” is a curse-word to him.

His last name, his race and his religion don’t matter. His ancestry might be Italian, English, African, Polish, German, Slavic, Irish, Russian, Hispanic or any of a hundred others. What does matter is that he considers himself in every way to be an American. He is proud of this country and thinks that if you aren’t, you are whole-heartedly encouraged to find one that suits you and move there. (The liberal media are terrified of this natural feeling of “nationalism.” Of course, they have hated America for so long, they simply can’t understand those of us that truly love America – RF.)

Back in the day, we referred to the “angry man” as a “man’s man.” The left wing media has, unfortunately, turned that phrase into something derogatory. They want Americans to believe that these “men” are “against women,” or “anti-gay” or “racist.” They are not. Oh, of course, some are, but the remainder shun those as much as the liberal media shuns them.

These “angry men” are often the [from the Krawczyk article] kind of guy who likes to play poker, watch football, go hunting, play golf, maintain his own vehicles and build things. He coaches kid’s baseball, soccer and football and doesn’t ask for a penny. He’s the kind of guy who can put an addition on his house with a couple of friends, drill an oil well, design a factory or work the land. He can fill a train with 100,000 tons of coal and get it to the power plant so that you can keep the lights on while never knowing everything it took to do that. The Angry Man is the backbone of this country.

He’s not racist, but is truly disappointed and annoyed, when people exhibit behavior that typifies the worst stereotypes of their ethnicity. (I find that to be true of myself. As a Sicilian, I am irate when Sicilians actually join the Mafia – RF.) He’s willing to give everybody a fair chance if they’re willing to work hard and play by the rules. He expects other people to do the same. Above all, he has integrity in everything he does.

... (H)e loathes the dysfunction now rampant in government… The fact that, because of very real consequences, he must stay within a budget but for some obscure reason the government he finances doesn’t. Mostly, it’s the blatantly arrogant attitude displayed implying that we are too stupid to run our own lives and only people in government are smart enough to do that.

The Angry Man recalls that Obama called him a Clinger, that Hillary called him Deplorable, that her husband, Bill, calls him a Redneck, that Black Lives Matter calls him a Racist, that feminists call him Sexist (while his own wife calls him “the man of the house”). If the Democrat Party wants to know why Trump beat them, it is because he calls him an American.

And thanks to JP for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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4 Responses to The angry (white) man.

  1. trailbee says:

    Nice. I like it. Does that mean that we have half, or the disappointed portion, of our voters not participating in the recovery of our Nation? Really? What a shame. They’re going to miss out on those handy dandy Participation trophies so prevalent in their neck of the woods. I wonder how long it’s going to take them to get their noses out of their behinds and get on with life. At least with the next four years.

  2. Flayer says:

    The only “angry” people I see are Leftists and Democrats of all stripes. Their playbook just didn’t work and it is sinking in what their angry black president has wrought.

  3. Lois DPlease enter your last name. says:

    Good article!

  4. Starchild says:

    Of course, the global system of governments is scarcely a “level playing field”. Those born on some parts of the Earth’s surface (e.g. the area known as the United States), typically enjoy tremendous advantages over those born on other parts of Earth’s surface (e.g. the area known as Sierra Leone, where life expectancy is 46 years). Given the admiration and appreciation for the United States that American nationalists often profess, isn’t it curious how rarely they acknowledge their own privilege in this respect, and that there is no level playing field on which they and the bulk of Earth’s people stand?

    There likely never will be a completely level playing field in life, nor should achieving that be the aim of government policy, because governments can bring about nothing of the sort except to the extent they mandate equality via authoritarian means (and even then it generally still means inequality in practice, with those who rule favored over those who do not). What we want is equality of opportunity, not equality of results. But nationalists, and those who identify as conservatives, should be clear in understanding that there will not be equality of opportunity so long as governments are discriminating on the basis of nationality. So if you want to feel good about yourself for “succeeding” where others often fail, there remains much to do before such feelings applied at a global level are in any way justified.

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