Why we will miss Thomas Sowell.

I have said many times that Thomas Sowell should have been our first black president. Here is why.

image001 image002 image003 image004 image005 image006 image007 image008 image009 image010 image011 image012 image014 image015 image016

And thanks to JM for sending these to me.

Roy Filly


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One Response to Why we will miss Thomas Sowell.

  1. LuClaire says:

    These past 8 years I have kept my sanity because I discovered Thomas Sowell. He has a good heart and has a true republic(an) soul. He has kept me afloat and he is very intelligent, a true patriot and supporter of the constitution. I will really miss his articles. I hope you forward all your responses to him, so he understands how much he is respected.

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