“Jokes” of the day.

OK. Mostly they’re not really jokes.


All those Democrats that hate the Koch brothers probably have never heard of George Soros.


While I do not favor mass deportation, “protests” like this always cause me to revisit why mass deportation is a bad idea.


Somehow African Americans have forgotten that the Republicans ended slavery and Jim Crow. I am making a prediction: at least 40% of African Americans will vote for Trump’s reelection in 2020. He will do good things for their community.


And thanks to PCoop for sending these to me.

Roy Filly


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8 Responses to “Jokes” of the day.

  1. “Cogents” is a better word for these depictions.

  2. Starchild says:

    “Somehow African Americans have forgotten that the Republicans ended slavery and Jim Crow.”

    This superficial recounting of history ignores that it was in both cases mainly liberal and libertarian-minded folks who led the fight against oppression of African-Americans, while it was mainly conservative-minded folks resisting reform, just as they have also tended to resist legal equality for women, gays, transgender people, and others. Nor are African-Americans blind to the fact that it is mainly Republicans and conservatives who are even now still seeking to tighten voting rules in order to suppress vote turnout in their communities.

  3. Starchild says:

    “There were no “liberals” or “libertarians” as organized groups in 1850.”

    Probably not as such, Roy. But I was referring to general worldviews, not organized groups – if I’d been referring to organized groups, I would have used capitalized names.

    • Roy Filly says:

      Good. Glad to know your education in grammar was accurate. However, your education in punctuation leaves something to be desired. If you use double quotation marks, then you should use single quotation marks for a quote within a quote.

    • Yes, it was classical liberals that fought against the oppression of African-Americans. Classical liberals became Republicans. 90% plus of slave owners were Democrats, “conservative” Democrats. Some of the slave owners were black. Democrats assumed the name of liberal or progressive and turned these appellations into dirty words while classical liberals fought for justice and freedom and less government. Democrats want and wanted bigger government with more control and regulations. A redistribution of wealth and a socialism that eventually turns into a dictatorship. A quest for a one world government with one dictator. Ordinary Democrat liberals seem to seek utopia without realizing this road leads to an eventual dictator. Maybe even to one dictator for the entire world. Or an oligarchy with one man or woman at the head of the group that controls with force, all the laws and rules that keep them in power. Even jailing or killing dissenters becomes legal because they own the police and the judges. Under Obama and the cities ruled by Democrats we see more crime and riots and murder than in those places where Classical Liberal Republicans hold elected offices.

      Voting: tighter rules on voting, like Voter ID, at the polls, increases citizen voter turnout. People feel and believe their vote makes a difference. Loose rules at the polling place increases voter fraud and voter intimidation and hurts voter turn out of free citizens. Loose rules can even bring out the vote of dead people. Loose rules also allow criminals and their friends to vote 2 or 5 or 11 or many more times. Tight rules at polling places enforce the “One Man, One Vote” rule that produces a government that we may not like but it gives us the best government that humans can expect.

      Democrats (the non-classical liberals) who assume the title of liberal or progressive have marginalized African Americans in the inner cities and have made it very difficult for African Americans to escape from the drugs, the struggle and the fear existing in these communities. All African Americans are plagued and suffer from the philosophy and actions of liberal/progressive Democrats. Republicans who follow our platform create circumstances that make it possible to escape the poverty and oppression of the inner cities that are controlled by Democrats.

      In our grass roots Republican local party we have women, gays, transgender and other folks who participate in the workings of our party. If there is any problem with legal equality, it does not come from Constitutional, Republican Platform minded Republicans. We may have a few non-classical liberal “Republicans” who would bend the rules to make different people feel ill at ease but regular grass roots Republicans who just want the American Dream, welcome all people who share their philosophy and who act with integrity to keep that dream alive.

      There is no “Utopia”. If you are a risk taker, there will be some doom and gloom. You get up and try again. In a free and righteous society, one or two or more failures can be overcome, and success is assured if you don’t give up. You have equal opportunity, not equal results. You may even achieve the Garden of Eden for a time. But the path is narrow and the temptations are very attractive and tantalizing.

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