The worm has turned.

My readers know that I have mixed feelings about guns. However, I strongly support the Constitution including the Second Amendment. Further, I believe that efforts by legislators to “keep guns out of the hands of terrorists” are both misguided and ineffectual, particularly the latter.

But something interesting is happening. Liberals are now purchasing guns.

[Source: Now it’s the liberals who are arming up, by Theresa Welch]

When it appeared that Hillary Clinton was a shoo in for the presidency, gun rights advocates were buying guns at a rapid pace. Their anticipation was that Hillary would curtail their right to own a gun. I am sure they were right about that. For 18 straight months records were set for people seeking a permit to buy a firearm.

Mirabili dictu! Hillary lost!

Mr. Trump, the victor and soon to be the 45th President, was endorsed by the National Rifle Association and supports gun rights. Therefore, one would conclude that gun shops would be in a virtual recession. (And, indeed, the share prices of gun manufacturers fell in anticipation of the slowdown.)

Ah, but NO! As the worm turns, all those liberals who hate guns are buying guns at rates never seen before. And not just a little faster. On Black Friday of this year, the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check system processed a record 185,713 background checks — the most ever on a single day in the 20 years the system has existed.

Many, if not most, of the individuals purchasing these guns are what the industry calls “non-traditional.” Namely, minorities, gay people and self-described liberals.

They even have gun clubs with some interesting names like Liberal Gun ClubBlack Guns Matter and Pink Pistols. The last group advertises “LGBT friendly” trainers. Hmm!

Good for them. They may be hypocrites, but now they are grateful for Second Amendment rights. That’s the great thing about the Constitution. It protects EVERYONE.

And thanks to CAG for sending this to me.

Roy Filly



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2 Responses to The worm has turned.

  1. Edward says:

    Do they fear reprisals from vengeful white Trump voters?

  2. Actually, the 2nd amendment protects everyone EXCEPT TERRORISTS — so efforts to keep guns out of the filthy claws of terrorists are a POSITIVE GOOD, provided that they have the desired effect!

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