Final moronic statements from the worst politician in memory.

Not only can Americans be grateful that Barack Obama’s presidency will soon be the purview of historians, we can also bid a cold and hostile farewell to Harry Reid – my choice for the worst politician in recollection.

As Harry leaves us he is continuing to lie about Obamacare. This lie is probably his biggest ever – “You get rid of Obamacare, people are going to die.”

Reid oft repeated the Obama lies that “if we liked our doctor we could keep our doctor” and the pledge that health care premium costs would go down. Millions of Americans didn’t need to read my blog posts to find the untruth of these statements. They just needed to try to schedule a doctor’s appointment or pay their health insurance bill.

Reid went on to opine that insurance markets would collapse. He should have opined that insurance markets did collapse under Obamacare.

Reid lies on the Senate floor and has no regrets about doing so. One the best examples is his accusation that Mitt Romney didn’t pay income taxes. When Romney released his tax documentation and Reid’s assertion was shown to be unambiguously false, did he backpedal? Did he recant? No. He said the following during a CNN interview. “Well, they can call it whatever they want. Romney didn’t win, did he?”

Goodbye, Harry. Sometimes “goodbye” isn’t the “hardest” word. We’ll all miss trying to avoid your soundbites on the “news.” Your Republican colleagues will miss doing your work for you. We are ashamed to admit that our insincere efforts to convince you to stay didn’t work. Enjoy your time off from doing nothing! And, Harry, have fun horrifying the locals in Nevada.

Roy Filly


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2 Responses to Final moronic statements from the worst politician in memory.

  1. Starchild says:

    One of the most frightening parts of Harry Reid’s legacy is his sponsoring of legislation (in collaboration with Senator Barbara Boxer of California) to allow the government to deny you a passport or take away your passport if the IRS says you owe them more than $50,000.

    This legislation has now been passed – President Obama signed it into law in December of 2015 (see ).

    This little-noticed legislation, attached to a 5-year infrastructure spending bill as HR 22, Section 7345, is a serious step toward totalitarianism. Preventing people from moving around freely has been a hallmark of tyrannical regimes, from the Soviet Union to South Africa under apartheid. That wall along the Mexican border (which already exists by the way, just not the entire length of the border as Trump wants) might be used not just to keep Hispanics out, but to keep Americans in.

    Nor does it stop there. What has started out applying only to major scofflaws said to owe tens of thousands of dollars in taxes could be expanded to include people owing child support payments, student loan debts, etc. As the article linked above notes, there is even discussion of “requiring passports for domestic travel”. That should scare anyone who knows their history.

    It would be fascinating to get inside the heads of people like Reid to see how much of their paving the way for tyranny is deliberate (i.e. evil), and how much is just short-sighted “it can’t happen here” stupidity.

  2. Roy Filly says:

    That’s actually pretty interesting.

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