The President (and party) who would not compromise.

Now that the Democrat Party is in the minority in both Houses of Congress, they are all about compromise. That is, they want Republicans to compromise with them. So let’s review Obama’s presidency and his “willingness to compromise.” And, for the record, I think compromise is good and recommend to the Republican majorities and President-elect Trump that they do so.

If one looks at Obama’s willingness to compromise we find a stone wall. Let’s take a stroll down Democrat’s political memory lane.

[Source: Learn from His Mistakes, by Fred Barnes]

When President Obama first came to office he invited Republican leaders in Congress to a White House meeting. The Republican House members brought a proposal with ideas for stimulating the economy, then suffering through the Great Recession. What happened instead of compromise, ask you? Well, answer I, instead House Democrats drafted the infamous “Stimulus” without consulting a single Republican. Every GOP idea presented to the President had been left out. Not a single Republican Congressman voted for the “Stimulus.” The “Stimulus” rewarded blue states and penalized red states. It spent more than $800 billion with essentially no effect (more than $1 trillion when debt service is added). It spawned the infamous phrase “shovel ready” and was such a political disaster that the word “stimulus” has been forever banned from the Democrat lexicon. (The word “stimulus” was not used by any Democrat running for national or state-wide election.)

The next stop on our walk down memory lane is Obamacare. Did the President seek Republican support? No! The health care bill was put together, in secret, in the office of then-majority leader Harry Reid. No Republicans were invited to the drafting party and none voted for it. 

Let’s move on to the Dodd-Frank Bill. The Senate Finance Committee Chairman, a Democrat of course, was negotiating with Republican Bob Corker on a bipartisan bill. Obama snatched the bill from the committee and wrote it without Republican input. The final bill passed via the Democrat filibuster-proof majority.

In 2011, he and House speaker John Boehner agreed to a $4 trillion deal of spending cuts and tax hikes—the so-called grand bargain. But the agreement unraveled when Obama insisted on hundreds of billions more in tax revenue – and refused to compromise. At that point, Boehner pulled out, saying he couldn’t trust Obama to honor a deal.

After Obama twittered away his congressional majorities, did he finally come to the “compromise table.” No, again. He took out his “pen and phone” – mostly his pen – and proceeded to issue a staggering number of executive orders and memoranda (these are simply executive orders with a different name). No need to compromise on those. The federal courts have stopped a number of these indicating that Obama exceeded his executive authority. Yet Donald Trump isn’t even in the Oval Office and the Democrat Party is already accusing him of exceeding his “executive” authority.

[From the Barnes article] On the few occasions when they met with Obama, Republicans found him impossible to deal with. “He always wanted it his way or not at all,” says House majority leader Kevin McCarthy. “He thinks we’re obstructing because we don’t agree with him.” Vice President Biden was different. He wanted to negotiate but usually wasn’t allowed to. When he asked Republicans a question about their plans at a White House session, Obama hushed him.

We have never had an ideologue like our current President. As Donald Trump ascends to the White House the last thing of which he can be accused is being an ideologue. No one is even sure what his “ideas” represent. Conservative? Liberal? Libertarian?

If Trump only does four things I will be happy:

  • Simplify the tax code
  • Reduce regulation
  • Rebuild our military
  • Appoint two “originalist” Supreme Court Justices

And thanks to HP for sending the Barnes article to me.

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3 Responses to The President (and party) who would not compromise.

  1. starchildsf says:

    This reads like a pretty powerful indictment of Obama’s unilateralist approach; it would be interesting to read a Democrat rebuttal. I disagree that the establishment-oriented Obama is much of an ideologue, but I agree that he can be prone to a certain high-handedness.

    “If Trump only does four things I will be happy:
    Simplify the tax code
    Reduce regulation
    Rebuild our military
    Appoint two ‘originalist’ Supreme Court Justices”

    I’m with you on three out of four. The U.S. government’s military remains the most powerful in the entire world, and they spend more money on it than the next several or more highest-spending governments combined spend on their militaries. The idea that it needs a big funding boost, at a time when the U.S. government is $20 trillion in debt and facing further even more dramatically looming unsustainable spending commitments, is a bad joke.

    Proposed military spending has very little to do with defending people in the United States, and everything to do with projecting U.S. government power and influence around the world, in other words allowing the Washington elité to continue in their nation-building and international geo-political machinations. Once upon a time I supported this, believing them to be a force for upholding human rights and democracy. But that legacy and reputation have been largely trashed by cynical practitioners of “realpolitik” whose only real goal and objective is wielding power.

    • Roy Filly says:

      Mirabili dictu! Star Child and are nearly in agreement. My reason, however, for wanting to rebuild the military is to project that we are so very strong, no one should mess with us. I am not as cynical as you. I subscribe to the marvelous quote by Colin Powell when he was Secretary of State. He made an eloquent point about America’s desire for “empire building” to the Archbishop of Canterbury. “Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return.”

  2. The story of Obama’s desire to compromise is one that his only statement of cooperation was, “I won.” His accomplishments are not only anti-American but are abominable.

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