Did you go to work on November 9th?

Allow me to ask, did you go to work on November 9? Did you drive your car to work? Did you curse the traffic (or at the very least some moronic driver cutting lanes)? Did you telephone anyone? Answer emails? Eat lunch?

My friends, it is truly amazing to see the reactions of the far left after the election of Donald Trump. One would think that a meteor of massive size struck the Earth and nothing (and I mean NOTHING) will ever be the same again. And yet, I awoke at my usual hour on November 9. I made coffee. Drank it. Wrote a blog post or two. Checked my bank statement – I was still solvent. Played golf. I don’t know how I managed all of that with the world coming apart at the seams! (And I couldn’t find a “safe space” anywhere.) I must be Superman!

American culture has been bending left since the 1960s with a few brief pauses (i.e., the Reagan administration). Mind you, I am not saying that everything promoted by liberals is bad. Not at all. I am saying that their fervent belief that more and more government is best for America is wrong. I am saying that their belief in “one world” is hugely mistaken. America First isn’t a slogan. It is a profound belief of people like myself that were raised in this great nation.

If the left wing has a false belief it is that a group of intellectuals can find solutions that fit everyone. Then they need to “pass a law (or regulation)” that puts those notions into place. They believe that though their “brilliance” they can bend others to their way of thinking.

Oh Boy! Along comes Donald Trump who not only refuses to bend to their thinking but will not bend to the thinking of his party leaders or even his campaign staff. He may not be a political “Independent” but he is certainly an independent thinker – and independent in his actions.

Charles Lane, an opinion writer for the Washington Post (one of the few I still read), had an interesting take on Mr. Trump. He advises us to “Take Trump seriously and literally.” He may receive the Pulitzer Prize for pithiness this year.

Obama is not taking Trump either seriously and literally. The President opined, “I don’t think he is ideological. I think ultimately he’s pragmatic.” So, the current President takes the President-elect neither literally nor seriously.

Some Democrats in positions of power believe that Mr. Trump has no core policy beliefs, and therefore might be managed, or constrained, by political realities. It is a strange dichotomy that allows Democrats to denounce Trump as a menace to all we hold dear in one breath, while, in the next, admitting that they could work with him on certain issues.

These were the first lines I ever wrote as a blogger:

I decided to write a blog at the suggestion of my son. I have developed a recent interest in politics. It is not that I ignored politics in the past. There has hardly been an election in which I did not vote over the past 45 years. What changed?

I feel very strongly that this country is headed in the wrong direction. By that I mean it is heading away from its founding principles. This has been happening for a long time but the acceleration in the wrong direction under Barack Obama has been breathtaking.

Well, Mr. Trump is definitely taking us in a new direction. My plan is to see how this works out. I’m not planning any litmus tests. I will only judge by results.

So my advice to liberals and many conservatives, as well, is “LIGHTEN UP!” Enjoy the ride.

Roy Filly


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2 Responses to Did you go to work on November 9th?

  1. JAMES D KLEISER says:

    Heartily agree! I don’t think many people on the left have grasped that this election is about the direction of the United States. In the last ten or twelve years I have been slowly horrified by the easy dismissal of the fundamental principles of this country. I was not particularly political until, really, this election. I had the feeling that this was the last chance to save the country. It is not about imports, or jobs, or Islam, or borders. It’s about the fundamental nature, the exceptionalism, of our country, and whether we wish to keep that. The other things follow from that. I believe mr. Trump is the right man for the job. I sure hope that he understands why he was elected; that it’s not him and his personality. But even with all the puff and bluster, I believe he does.

  2. trailbee says:

    I think he has always operated on gut instinct.

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