The Russians made me do it.

If you have been listening to the news (and, of course, you have) then you are aware of the latest allegation from the left regarding the Hillary defeat. The Russians “made” Americans vote for Trump!

I’d like you to think about why you voted for Trump if indeed you did. Or better yet, if you didn’t vote for Trump how was it that your mind was so powerful to shield against the Russian “mind meld.” Were you wearing an aluminum foil hat?

I voted for Trump and it was because Hillary was a terrible candidate and wanted to perpetuate Obama policies and those of the Democrat Party. I was convinced that the Clinton Foundation was corrupt and that Hillary destroyed all incriminating emails on her illegal private server BEFORE Wikileaks or any other news from the hacked DNC computers. Did I need Russia to tell me that the Main Stream Media were in bed with the Clinton campaign?

The Hillary voters simply cannot fathom how she lost. Russian “interference” is now the fourth item to be floated by the Democrats.

  1. It was James Comey!
  2. No. It was “fake news!”
  3. No. It’s that atavistic Electoral College!
  4. No. It was “the Russians.”

Dear Democrats, it’s time to realize that American voters wanted a change and Donald Trump was the agent of change. Importantly, voters did not simply want a different administration than the last administration. They wanted a different administration than had occurred in living memory.

It looks like they got it.

Roy Filly


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