Quick note.

Remember my post on “the recount?” Well, the results are in.

Pennsylvania – a federal judge rejected a recount.

Michigan – another federal judge halted the recount.

Wisconsin – the recount has been completed. Trump’s lead increased by 131 votes.

On to the Electoral College. Democrats will first try to convince electors to go against their state mandates. Then, be assured, they will call for an Electoral College recount!

Roy Filly


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2 Responses to Quick note.

  1. Flayer says:

    I am convinced that the (Obama) judges that first approved, then halted the recounts in PA and MI, did so because of potential evidence of massive voter fraud. There was not enough fraud to overcome Trump’s win but further counting would have highlighted it. Also, they may not have wanted Trump to “win again.” As of today he’s already won the primaries, the election, and the WI recount. Winning again and again in PA, MI and soon to be the in electoral college would be just too much for the snowflakes who are still in the denial stage of mourning.

  2. Starchild says:

    In an electoral system where electronic voting machines have been proven to be hackable, and rumors of vote fraud and cheating are rampant, I think it makes sense to have as many audits and recounts as possible. I would support them if Hillary Clinton had been declared the winner, or even if Gary Johnson, the candidate I voted for, had pulled off a long-shot win, and I support them now.

    Conservatives who foolishly condemn or deride the current recounts should consider how they would be behaving if press stories in late November and early December had been referring to “president-elect Clinton” instead of “president-elect Trump”. The blatant partisanship and double standards employed by large numbers of people on both the left and the right do neither side any credit.

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