Jokes of the day.

He’s growing on me, too – and I liked him before he won!


Think about it.


This is what happens when your “legacy” is built on executive orders.


No joke. A true national hero – a Democrat we can all love and respect.


Now for the astronaut joke! Some of you will be old enough to remember Bill Dana. He was a comedian who developed a skit about being the first astronaut. It will give you a comical look at just how brave someone had to be to get on top of an early US rocket and blast off. Americans of that era watched many rockets explode on the launch pad. A good indicator is that his fellow astronauts helped John Glenn to strap in, then got in a jeep, drove three miles from the launch site, and secured themselves in an underground bunker!

I give you a personal guarantee you will laugh yourself silly – unless you cannot enjoy anything that is politically “incorrect.”

Roy Filly


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