The “Alt-Right.”

I have been writing a conservative political blog since 2010. I had never heard the term “alt-right” until Hillary got her butt handed to her in the last election. Then the Lame-Stream Media and the far left started saying Trump was “alt-right.” I had to look it up!

The amazing thing to me isn’t that there are extremes of political views. Anyone who understands the term “spectrum” realizes that there are always two ends of a spectrum. The far left rebels against the notion that the far right might hold sway. But did they ever look at the opposite argument?

[Source: Liberals get hysterical over the ‘alt-right’ but we are living in their ‘alt-left’ world, by Dan Gainor]

Since the election of Donald Trump the “major” news networks have mentioned “the alt-right” more than 50 times. The “Alt-Right” is a loose association of far right conservatives that probably has about 200 members. They have become public enemy number one to Beltway Liberal Democrats and other loopy progressive/statist/altruists.

The left-wing media is trying to do what they always do — paint conservatives as racist, sexist, and a few other words that end in ist. All in the name of “tolerance.”

But the left-wing NEVER LOOKS IN A MIRROR! They pretend in their own minds that there is no “alt-left.” They view their “extremes” as mainstream. In reality their positions are the truly “radical” and out of the American mainstream on almost everything. That is why if one subtracts California and New York from the calculus, a Democrat would NEVER EVER WIN A NATIONAL ELECTION. Those two states constitute the “alt-left.”

Let’s look at “mainstream left politics.”

[From the Gainor article] …liberals bemoaned the death of Fidel Castro, a man his own daughter called “a tyrant.” The Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. summed up years of devotion, recalling how, “the oppressed the world over joined Castro’s cause of fighting for freedom & liberation…”

On every major issue of the day, the left is unified. Taxes. Climate. So-called “free” college. Citizens United. Transgender bathroom/locker rooms/showers. ObamaCare. In each case and thousands more, the left wants more, bigger, better-funded government.

Liberals want higher taxes because they know how to spend your money better than you do — on what they want. They have turned climate science into a religion where disbelief is to be persecuted or even prosecuted

This is the essence of the liberal world view. The solution to every problem is bigger government…

The reason it is difficult to “spot the alt-left” is because they dominate our culture. Our TV, movies, music, plays and, yes, our news are controlled by those who three-fourths of America consider wildly out of step. The progressive, far-left agenda has conquered the traditional left’s agenda.

American liberals are not “mainstream.” Instead, they are “alternative” because they are out of the mainstream of an America where 37 percent are conservative and 35 percent are moderate. Just 24 percent are liberal. When Occupy Wall street “convened” they would cry out “We are the 99 percent!” But they were not. They weren’t even 1%.

One doesn’t need to search far for the “alt-left:” Occupy Wall street and Black Live Matter are typical examples.

Yet the “alt-left” minority enforces its notions by suppressing all opposing views in arenas that they control – academia, Hollywood, and “the media.” Is it conservatives using riots and vandalism to scream “What do we want?” and “When do we want it?”

The “Alt-Left” has hated the “Alt-Right” ever since the “Alt-Right” freed their slaves – and black Americans (indeed, all Americans) should never forget that historical truth.

And thanks to CAG for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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4 Responses to The “Alt-Right.”

  1. Malcolm1 says:

    I think that the “average” liberal has little confidence in his own ability to make personal decisions. Liberals seem to believe that if the government makes those decisions for them and things go sideways, then they are not to blame. If they are personally responsible for the results of their own decisions then ones to blame. Thus, passing on their responsibility to “higher” authorities gives them cover and won’t make them look worse than their neighbor who might have made independent and more successful decisions.

  2. The word “alt” is the German word for “old.” Inventing a never-used-that-way-before word to crystalize their ‘liberal’ point of view reminds me of the major method of the communists. That method is simply to steal the silverware off of the table, then blame someone (anyone) else before the theft is discovered. It is only effective if used by the large mass media and repeated regularly. Their falsehoods can thus be made to sound acceptable, if blamed on their opponents.

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